The Halal Travel Podcast | Reem Alwajih On Working As A UNHCR Field Worker

By Halal Trip | 22, May, 2021

In this episode, we spoke with Reem Alwajih who shares her journey from being a computer scientist, to an independent displaced person due to the war in Yemen, and finally to a humanitarian, working to better the lives of people struggling within the Yemeni community.

As a senior field assistant at UNHCR in Yemen, Reem is part of the dedicated team that works tirelessly to protect refugees forced to flee wars and persecution around the world. Apart from providing life-saving aid such as shelter, food and water, UNHCR also ensures that their basic safety, rights and dignity are taken care of. We hope you love this episode and Reem as much as we do!

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What To Listen For


  • Reem’s journey from a computer scientist to a humanitarian
  • The type of work UNHCR field workers do
  • The intervention and initiatives UNHCR has for Yemen 
  • Day in the life of a UNCHR field worker
  • Background of the 6-year-long war in Yemen
  • The multiple struggles plaguing the citizens of Yemen
  • Reem’s personal experience with displacement due to the war 
  • “I was really uprooted
  • COVID-19 situation in Yemen, on top of other epidemics even before this pandemic and the war
  • Reason Reem chose to become a field worker
  • Population of women is higher than men in Yemen
  • How did Reem get back on her feet to where she is now (from displaced to working with UNHCR)
  • How do Yemenis stay positive in the situation they’re in?
  • “You have to understand something about Yemenis – the resilience they have inside, like no matter what, they survive”
  • A memorable story Reem has from working with UNHCR
  • They still long to reintegrate back into their hometowns
  • UNHCR takes lead in 3 humanitarian interventions: 
    • Provision of non-food items
    • Lead protection clusters
    • One of the biggest cash assistance in country
  • More about how UNHCR operates in Yemen
  • A displaced person’s success story 
  • Atmosphere of Ramadan and Eid in Yemen
  • What is the first day of Eid like in Yemen?
  • UNHCR’s interactions with refugees/displaced people in Yemen during Ramadan 
  • UNHCR and HalalTrip’s Ramadan campaign, #PledgeYourLunch on Launchgood 
  • The importance of shelter for a displaced person 
  • How else can people help the refugee crisis around the world? During Ramadan and even after Ramadan
  • What is the process of becoming a UNCHR field worker?
  • Learn more about UNHCR or make donations to aid displaced people in need through their website below!


Selected Links From The Episode

UNHCR website | #PledgeYourLunch Donation Drive


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Visit our LaunchGood campaign to #PledgeYourLunchVisit our LaunchGood campaign to #PledgeYourLunch

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