The Halal Travel Podcast | Peter Gould: On Pioneering Islamic Design and Staying True to Your Intentions

By Halal Trip | 04, Jun, 2021

Peter Gould is the founder of Gould Studio, a heart-centered design team that has created brands and experiences for Muslim audiences. We asked him how his spiritual journey has been a major influence on his creative work, learned the importance of having the right intention and received a timely reminder on Tawakkul. We hope you love this episode and Peter as much as we do!


What to Listen For

  • Peter Gould - Background and Gould Studio
  • Before setting up Gould Studio - Creative path and how he started in design and web development
  • Connecting his Spiritual Path with Design
  • How his journey into becoming Muslim - Getting to know Muslims, understanding, and learning about Islam
  • The "design' in humans
  • "Working towards being a better version of yourself..."
  • At what age did he found Islam - First experiences with Islam, fasting, and embracing Islam
  • Gratitude - "Reconnect with that 5 times a day, that is on one level is a beautiful thing..."
  • Salam Sisters - the message behind it
  • Meaningful through design
  • What is it like being in a design company? - What is it like in Gould Studio?
  • Working on meaningful projects and brands - Greenpeace
  • "Design is about change and trying to affect something positive"
  • Lovely Australia
  • Juggling different timezones and cultures with a diverse global team
  • Diversity giving strengths - Unlocking questions
  • Advice to budding entrepreneurs
  • Celebrating individuality
  • Obstacles and challenges when setting up Gould Studio
  • Barakah culture vs Hustle culture
  • How do you integrate and have a holistic view of both the working cultures?
  • Launchgood as an example - driven by values
  • If he is not doing what he is doing, what Peter Gould would be?
  • Always remain creative and curious
  • Designing your life and work-life balance
  • Branding
  • Embracing design


Selected Links From the Episode

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Peter Gould
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Salam Sisters
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