The Halal Travel Podcast | Umar Munshi: On Shariah-compliant Crowdfunding and Islamic Fintech

By Halal Trip | 11, Jun, 2021

This episode, we learn a thing or two about what goes into investments and crowdfunding based on Islamic finance principles. Umar Munshi is a social entrepreneur who is the co-founder of award-winning - a group of pioneer investment and Crowdfunding platforms. He is also CEO of Ethis’s Islamic Social Finance marketplace Global Sadaqah which specialises in managing Zakat and CSR programs. We hope you love this episode and Umar as much as we do!


What to Listen For

  • Umar Munshi - Introduction on and Global Sadaqah
  • Difference between crowdfunding and crowdfunding investment - Many different names and terms and what they mean
  • Marketplace financing
  • How does it work on - Investment platform, Popular among Milennials
  • Operations in Indonesia - Pool of funds or Project Financing
  • Operations in Malaysia - Mini public listing "Like buying stocks but not for public companies..."
  • Start-ups that are now with - Crowd kitchens, energy space, agriculture etc.
  • How much do you need to participate in investments? - Varying for different countries/markets
  • Key account managers or transparent (independent individual decisions)
  • Shariah-compliant - What makes an investment compliant or otherwise?
  • Examples of cases where it seems okay but under a Shariah lens, it becomes otherwise
  • How to be Shariah-compliant? - Must be created by Muslims?
  • Global Sadaqah - focused more on the hereafter
  • Crypto donations and cryptocurrency - What is it?
  • What type of cryptocurrencies are accepted by Global Sadaqah?
  • Introduction to Islamic finance for Umar Munshi
  • Accidentally starting a revolution in Islamic finance
  • Advice to Muslims interested in investing - Need to understand the basics of Islamic finance
  • Questions to ask if you are interested to delve into investing
  • Starting a brand/company - challenges Umar Munshi faced
  • How Global Sadaqah is helping


Selected Links From the Episode

Umar Munshi
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Global Sadaqah
Instagram | Facebook | Website 



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