The Halal Travel Podcast | Nazrul Islam: On Overcoming the Odds as a Migrant Worker in Singapore

By Halal Trip | 21, Jun, 2021

In this episode, we spoke with Nazrul Islam, a migrant worker in Singapore with an interesting and busy background. Nazrul came to Singapore in 2008 to support his family in Bangladesh. He encountered numerous obstacles but his never-give-up attitude pushed him to obtain a degree from the University of Newcastle in environmental and occupational health and safety. How does he juggle being a marathon runner, an English teacher, co-founder of Help Societies International, a migrant worker, and ultimately a father? We find out more about his amazing journey on this episode. We hope you love this episode and Nazrul as much as we do!


What to Listen For

  • Background of Nazrul Islam - Co-founder of Help Societies International, English teacher, volunteer, and a student
  • What made him come to Singapore to work?
  • Why Singapore and not the Middle East? - An opportunity to learn while you work
  • Going abroad and being away from the family at a young age
  • First day in Singapore - 12-hour wait in the airport
  • The Course before going abroad - Steel Reinforcement course in Bangladesh
  • What did he want to be when he was young? - Achieving his dream as an Engineer
  • How others can follow his footsteps - Choosing the right channel to learn through courses and starting from the bottom
  • First job at Marina Bay Sands
  • The role of the agencies - Arranging the training and finding the companies for them
  • Living in the dormitories vs living in a HDB flat
  • A big heart - Nurul's pleasant experience with a Bangladeshi colleague
  • Misconceptions, Discriminations, and Stereotypes Bangladeshi workers face in Singapore - A lack of understanding from the locals
  • COVID-19 showing the importance of the migrant workers
  • How the pandemic affected the migrant workers? - Living at the Expo with COVID-19, staying positive and enthusiastic
  • Ramadan and Eid-ul Fitr at the Expo - Looking at the Positive side
  • Thinking about the family - A new baby boy!
  • Treating the migrant workers are equals to everyone - Welcoming migrant workers into the community
  • Help Societies International
  • Fitting so many things to his schedule - Running marathons and many more
  • Improving yourself and "Always look on the bright side of life"


Selected Links From the Episode

Nazrul Islam

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