The Halal Travel Podcast | Dr Suraya Zainul Abidin: The Bone Doctor

By Halal Trip | 05, Oct, 2021

We can't think of a better guest to have on our first episode of Season 4. An orthopedic surgeon, a mum of four, and a part-time Tik-Toker, Dr Suraya does it all. Her drive and passion for her craft are infectious. Her short videos allow us a peek into the lives of doctors here in Singapore and even a glimpse at what goes into a hip replacement or a biopsy - all from the operating theatre! We hope you love this episode and Dr Suraya as much as we do!


What to Listen For

  • Introduction Dr. Suraya and Orthopedics
  • Knee Models - Different stages or types of knees
  • A common surgery in Orthopedics
  • Knee Implants - Cobalt Chrome/metal in the knee
  • Hazirah's Grandfather's knee replacement
  • Do they feel any pain after the surgery? - The surgery to remove pain in the knee
  • Cause of diseased knees - commonly wear and tear
  • The Bulk of patients that go through knee surgery - 60 years old and above
  • Dr Suraya on TikTok - A peek into the life of a doctor
  • What happens in the Operating Theatre (OT)?
  • "I want to be a doctor" and decided to be a Surgeon when she was in Medical School
  • Why Orthopedics instead of any other fields of surgery?
  • The satisfaction of helping somebody back on their feet
  • Precautionary measures to avoid knee damage in old age
  • Surgery is always the last option - Physiotherapy, exercise first
  • Where is the limit to overexertion of your muscles and knees? - Starting and building up slowly
  • A day in the life of an Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Longest Surgery Dr Suraya has been in
  • Always operating in a team - Teamwork in surgery
  • The journey to becoming a Doctor - the trajectory and hierarchy in medicine
  • The difference in training time between Singapore and those in the USA
  • A long road to becoming a Specialist - A huge commitment
  • Work-Life Balance - Balancing work, family, and social time as a surgeon
  • Handling separation anxiety
  • Dr Kelly Torres in Grey's Anatomy interpretation of Orthopedic Surgeons vs Real life
  • "It's not about the strength, it's about the technique"
  • Looking out for bone damage/dislocation - By talking, by looking, and by diagnosing the patient
  • One memory that stuck out in her 11 years in Medicine
  • Specialty in Bone Cancer
  • Cases that had an impact on her - about a young patient and an old gentleman
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Chiropractics and Orthopedics
  • 3 Pointers everyone should know
  • Pay attention to Bone Health and not neglecting your bones until it's too late - Osteoporosis is a huge issue
    • A good diet to prevent Osteoporosis
    • Exercise! - Weight training and gentle strength exercises will go a long way
    • Preventing Obesity - Not only bad for the bones but it is also a large contributor to many diseases
  • Vitamin D - A key step to absorbing calcium into the body


Selected Links From the Episode

Dr Suraya Zainul Abidin
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