The Halal Travel Podcast S4 EP3 | TAQ Wealth Associates: On Futureproofing Your Financial Health

By Halal Trip | 18, Oct, 2021

If you're not sure how and when to start planning your financial journey, we get you. It can be tough navigating the sea of information on the world wide web. In this episode, we ask TAQ Wealth all that is on our minds when it comes to financial freedom, wealth planning, and whether there is such a thing as saving too early and too much. We hope you love this episode and TAQ Wealth as much as we do!


What to Listen For

  • Introduction to Faqih and Wiwi from TAQ Wealth Associates
  • More about TAQ Wealth Associates and what they do
  • How are Financial Service Consultants different from other financial planners/strategists?
  • More about TAQ Wealth Associates is helping the Muslim Community
  • Ethical Advice in financial planning
  • The bad rep or misunderstandings in the industry
  • Skepticism that lingers from the past
  • Is it permissible in Islam? Ribak?
  • Slowly being accepted in the current generation
  • Starting out in investments
  • Faqih story of how he started in the industry and understanding the industry under the Islamic lens
  • Wiwi story of how she started and learning about the importance of financial planning
  • Researching on financial policies in Islam
  • What are the general things we cannot do in financial policies in Islam?
    • Ribak - Added Interest
    • Gambling - Some investments could be argued that might be a gamble
    • Uncertainty of where the funds go to
  • Questions to ask when you want to take up a specific plan - to have a more informed decision in your investments
  • Why is it important to invest?
  • Inflation
  • Income
  • Returns and Dividends
  • The general percentage of your Monthly salary to investments and savings - Must be comfortable to set aside
  • Emergency funds - 3-6 months savings just in case
  • Cashflow habits
  • The different kinds of policies that will fit different demographics and needs
  • Policies for young parents - "Saving the nest" first for the sandwich generation
  • Insurance for children - very low premiums
  • The Challenge - Spending habits
  • How TAQ Wealth Associates manage its clients?
  • Having some transparency as a client


Selected Links From the Episode

TAQ Wealth Associates
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