The Halal Travel Podcast S4 EP7 | Yanti: On Her Role As A Penguin Keeper At Jurong Bird Park

By Halal Trip | 15, Nov, 2021

We have Yanti, "Guardian of the Penguins" on this week's episode! We learned so much about what goes into caring for the 60+ penguins under the keepers' care at Jurong Bird Park and the research work that keepers undertake to ensure the wellbeing of all penguins. The next time you visit the park and participate in one of their guest interaction experiences, you are sure to view these birds in a different light. We hope you love this episode and Yanti as much as we do!

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What to Listen For

  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Introduction to Yanti - What was her journey to being a keeper at Jurong Bird Park
  • Taking a leap of faith - A career change to follow her love for animals
  • Elephant keeper at Singapore Zoo
  • Being a female in a traditionally thought to be a masculine role - Crocodile Hunter
  • What sort of background do they look for as a keeper?
  • Training on the job, courses, and personal research - "As long as you are genuine to provide the best care for the animals"
  • Enrichment - An activity or something we create or provide to the animals in order to mentally or physically stimulate them
  • Study research project as keepers
  • Guest interactions
  • "Guardians of the Penguins"
  • The roles of the keepers - More than meets the eye
  • The characteristics you might not know about penguins - Personalities
  • Penguins are curious creatures, territorial, and might be aggressive at times
  • A penguin called "Gucci" - Handraised penguin, the "Manja" one
  • Penguins and cats
  • Maru - First King Penguin that was successfully hatched at Jurong Bird Park
  • Gucci - African Penguin that was handraised in Jurong Bird Park after being abandoned by his parents
  • Penguins recognizing the keepers
  • How many penguins are there in Jurong Bird Park? - 65 penguins and 5 Species
  • Do the keepers need to know all 65 penguins? Distinguishing them from each other
  • Important for keepers to recognize the birds
  • Animals like children
  • How animals are transported in and out of the bird park? - Climate and size of the crate
  • Pierre from Perth Zoo
  • Penguin Chit Chats and Guest Feeding sessions at Jurong Bird Park
  • Yanti's first-ever panic moment with the penguins
  • What happens when penguins fall sick?
  • Penguin chicks
  • Nesting materials for penguins in their nesting season
  • How many new chicks do they get every year?
  • Does the park incubate the penguin eggs? - Swapping the real eggs with dummy eggs when necessary
  • What are some of the things we can do to show compassion to the animal kingdom? - Learn about the animals to build an appreciation for the animals
  • Conservation can save the animals and the world right now


Selected Links From the Episode

Jurong Bird Park / Mandai Wildlife Reserve
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