The Halal Travel Podcast S4 EP8 | Izzat Asyraff: On Reservoir Dayak & How Sincerity, Passion Pay Off

By Halal Trip | 19, Nov, 2021

Izzat is the man behind the handmade leather crafting business - Reservoir Dayak. Born and bred in Singapore, the brand is now in its 10th year and the journey was long but fulfilling, to say the very least. Izzat shares what first got him into leatherwork, the early days of running the business from the void deck and what it took to lead him to where he is today. We hope you love this episode and Izzat as much as we do!

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What to Listen For

  • Introduction to Izzat and Reservoir Dayak
  • Orders & Catalogues of his previous work
  • 9 Different types of leather - Buffalo Veg tan
  • Patina in leather and how to maintain your leather products
  • How Reservoir Dayak started
  • Started in 2011 after a trip to Phuket
  • From a hobby
  • Where did "Reservoir" come from?
  • Japanese leathercrafters and Native Americans
  • The first-ever product they made
  • More about the Thai Uncle in Phuket
  • When Reservoir Dayak almost stopped
  • Meeting Vulcan Post Reporter and Minister Pritam Singh a few years ago
  • Homefix and conducting workshop classes at schools
  • Challenges when starting the brand
  • Learning on the job
  • Reaction from the parents and getting the blessings from them
  • Discipline in money matters
  • Tiktok Live - Not one to ignore
  • The Motto of Reservoir Dayak - "Being passionate and doing my work with sincerity"
  • Hand-delivering all the goods to his customers
  • Being your own boss
  • "Every day is a learning journey"
  • How Reservoir Dayak prices their products so that they don't sell themselves short
  • Being transparent
  • Showing the process on social media
  • Working for yourself - A privilege or an entitlement?


Selected Links From the Episode

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