Season 5 Ep. #1 | Syafiqah Sudarmo: Career Coach at Yellow Ribbon Singapore

By Halal Trip | 18, Apr, 2022

We're kicking off season five with a guest from Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG). As a career coach with YRSG, Syafiqah assists ex-offenders to reintegrate back into society by guiding them through a series of job coaching sessions and eventual job placement. For many ex-offenders, securing work upon release is crucial in getting them back on their feet, with the reintegration process beginning the moment they are incarcerated. Hear more from Syafiqah on what the reintegration process is like. We hope you love this episode with Syafiqah as much as we do!

If you are an ex-offender, struggling to find a job, please visit Yellow Ribbon’s website at for details on how to get in contact with the Employment Assistance Unit. To get in touch, call 6513 1537 to make an appointment or email your inquiry to [email protected]

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What to Listen For

  • The Halal Travel Podcast Returns for Season 5
  • How has 2022 been?
  • Introduction to Syafiqah Sudarmo, a career coach at Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG)
  • What is the role of a career coach at YRSG?
  • Yellow Ribbon Singapore and how she first got to know about YRSB and what kind of support they offer
  • Not just for reintegration but for education and awareness...
  • Memorable instances when Syafiqah was just starting out
  • From being to being financially independent
  • The reintegration journey starts as early as they enter
  • Job coaching, job placement, and community-based counseling after release
  • What kind of jobs do ex-offenders get placed into?
  • More employers coming on board so there are a number of sectors available
  • For YRSG clients, what are the struggles to bounce back from where they were or how do they cope with the stressors they face?
  • A career coach or social work?
  • Attachment to clients, wanting them to make it
  • How can employers interested in hiring ex-offenders make it easier for them to adapt?
  • To understand the challenges that these ex-offenders face when they are reintegrating into society
  • How the community can show their support to ex-offenders as they reintegrate into society?
  • YRSB encourages ex-offenders to give back to the society - a two-way relationship
  • How can people support or volunteer to help with YRSG?
  • Technology advances so fast and how it might affect ex-offenders when they reintegrate back into society
  • Final words from Syafiqah Sudarmo.


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