Season 5 Ep. #2 | Bringing Up My Special First Born with APSN

By Halal Trip | 26, Apr, 2022

In charge of partnerships and fundraising at APSN, Marina shares about the special education, vocational training, and employment support services for individuals with mild intellectual disability. Mdm Liza's own experience of her daughter's eagerness to attend APSN Centre for Adults is a testament to the holistic education, employment assistance, and continuing support APSN provides in helping them to lead independent and rewarding lives. We hope you love this episode, Marina and Mdm Liza as much as we do!

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What to Listen For

  • Ramadan so far for the THTP team
  • Introduction of Marina from APSN - What is APSN and what do they do?
  • Mild Intellectual Disability
  • From Primary School all the way to Adulthood
  • The different schools under APSN - Vocational School, APSN Centers for Adults, and Student Care Centers
  • How do the alumnis of APSN keep in touch with APSN?
  • Mdm Liza and her daughter Dina
  • The first time Mdm Liza realizes Dina is a special needs child - The telltale signs
  • The optimism of Mdm Liza
  • How special needs schools was seen 24 Years Ago?
  • The purity and beautiful qualities of special needs individuals
  • APSN at Kembangan Chai Chee Community Hub
  • APSN just launched their new Cafe
  • Dina's first day of school at the Katong school
  • Invisible Disability
  • Early intervention in speech
  • Safe for them
  • How did Mdm Liza get to know about APSN Centre for Adults (CFA)?
  • How did Mdm Liza convey to her workplace that she needed the half-day leave to send Dina to therapy?
  • 12 Session therapy sessions - What happens during the sessions
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Difference between Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
  • What is the timetable like for students at APSN?
  • Seeing improvements in Dina
  • The patience required for parents of special needs children
  • Frustrations, tantrums, and meltdowns
  • Mdm Liza's second daughter - Different conditions for different daughters
  • Social behaviors "Good touch, Bad touch"
  • What Dina is doing now at CFA - Learning different activities from different industries to get them ready for employment in the future.
  • Inculcate daily life skills to special needs individuals so they are independent and be part of the society
  • APSN's Hari Raya Campaign - Pledge Your Duit Raya!
  • CrescentRating and HalalTrip's Campaign - PledgeYourLunch 2022 


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