Season 5 Ep. #3 | Eid Mubarak from THTP!

By Halal Trip | 13, May, 2022

This marks our third Eid episode with THTP! MashaAllah how time flies. From what color we're wearing this year, to malam Raya traditions and our go-to Eid snacks, we can go on forever. From The Halal Travel Podcast team, we wish a very blessed Eid Mubarak!


What to Listen For

  • Eid word game
  • Eid Mubarak Selamat Hari Raya!
  • Welcome back Raudha
  • Bazaar Ramadan
    • Horror stories of the bazaars
    • Geylang Serai Bazaar or Bussorah Street Bazaar
  • Eid visiting in 2022
    • No limit to the number of people visiting
    • 2022 vs the previous years
    • More than 10 people visiting
  • What are your 'Malam Raya' traditions?
    • Raudha - Wash the kitchen, sparklers, and Sinar Lebaran on Suria (TV)
    • Hazirah - Wash the floor of the whole house. Putting up the curtains, goodie bags, green packets and watching TV
    • Nurul - Putting out the carpets and filling up the kueh Raya
  • What's the biggest regret or what you most thankful for Ramadan this year?
    • Hazirah - Tiktok. It became a source of syarahan tazkirah talks
    • Raudha - Down with COVID and didn't manage to do things during then. Thankful for the reopening of mosques, fasting, and iftar-ing with the family.
    • Nurul - Seeing Ramadan again. Having a much better shape than last Ramadan. Waking up at 5am.
  • Eid Preparations this year
    • Nurul - Not buying Baju Kurung (new clothes for Eid). Not that much but gearing up to have guests over. Buying a new fan and a cooler.
    • Hazirah - Buying Baju Kurung before Ramadan even start. First Ramadan and Eid without the brothers in the house.
    • Raudha - Not raya-ing because of renovations. 
    • Baju Raya (Eid Clothes) - Reusing clothes from previous years
  • Will we ever have QR duit raya?
    • Maybe for the younger generation
    • Traditional green packets vs QR codes
    • Kids counting the money at the end of the day
    • Where would your duit raya go to?
  • What color are you wearing this year?
    • Hazirah - Maroon
    • Nurul - Black
    • Raudha - Cream, turquoise/blue-ish
    • Wearing songkok and samping
  • Have you celebrated Eid overseas, if no, where would you if you could?
    • Raudha - Maybe second week of Eid but not the first few days
    • Hazirah - Having family members overseas
    • Nurul - London to visit the family there to see how they celebrate Eid there
    • Celebrating Eid while performing Umrah
  • If you could only eat one traditional dish during Eid, what would it be?
    • Hazirah - Ayam Masak Lemak / Lemak Chili Api
    • Raudha - Sambal Tumis Sotong or Sambal Goreng Pengantin
    • Nurul - Chicken with Satay sauce (don't know the name) If not then Serunding
  • Favourite Kueh or Snacks during Raya
    • Nurul - Layang-Layang
    • Raudha - Muruku? Pineapple Tart? Tapak Kuda!
    • Hazirah - Chilli Potato Chips
    • A lot of kuehs or not so much. Mama Carrie. Tarts of different shapes. Meringue.


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