Season 5 Ep. #4 | Shahjehan: Life After 9/11

By Halal Trip | 23, May, 2022

In this episode, a voice-over artist, actor, and musician based in Boston, Shahjehan talks about his 'King of the World' podcast. The seven-part series follows Shahjehan's journey through his addiction, identity, and religion as he navigates America in the 20 years that follow 9/11.

The podcast was nominated for two categories under The Ambies 2022 - a series of awards dedicated to celebrating excellence in podcasting. We hope you love this episode and Shahjehan as much as we do!


What to Listen For

  • Ambies award? - Series of awards given to the podcast industry
  • Introduction to Shahjehan and 'King of the World' podcast
  • How 'King of the World' started and the team behind it
  • Shahjehan's start in podcasting with no experience in scripting and producing a series
  • "Terrified but in a good way..."
  • Different styles of podcasts across the world
  • Podcasts in 2020 and Podcast setups
  • What Shahjehan aims to achieve with 'King of the World'?
  • 9/11 at the center of the show
  • Coming of age story that was based on Shahjehan's life
  • What was it like to grow up in America as a Muslim?
  • Duality of existence and the concept of identity
  • 20 years on, is it better now?
  • Representation now
  • Questions about fasting, Eid, and other questions being an exposure to Islam to some
  • Tina, a character from the podcast. Even appearing in another podcast; 'Immigrantly'
  • Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome Imposter Syndrome?
  • As a minority, if you gain some accolades, is it token representation in a way?
  • Muslim Health Professional and therapy - Muslim/Islamic studies based and Normal therapy, is it the same or completely different?
  • What is the advantage of having a Muslim or a brown therapist? How are they different?
  • First time needing to tell someone about his problems with addiction
  • Just talking about it vs keeping it in


Selected Links From the Episode

King of the World Podcast
WebsiteSpotify | Apple Podcasts

Website | Spotify | Apple Podcasts


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