THTP Season 5 Ep. #6 | The Exploring Hijabie Who Got Everyone Hooked On Alberta

By Halal Trip | 19, Jul, 2022

We talked to the one and only Akeela Maryam, also known as the Exploring Hijabie about how she got everyone hooked on her latest adventure to Banff, Alberta in Canada. For a moment, we lived vicariously through her phenomenal travels. If you have been thinking about going on that trip, you need to listen to this and just be in the moment! We hope you love this episode and Akeela as much as we do!

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What to Listen For

  • Introduction to our guest - Exploring Hijabie
  • How Exploring Hijabie started - Opportunity to travel to Alberta, Canada
  • Huge Travel Plans before the pandemic hits
  • Trip to Alberta and want to share it with friends and family
  • Inspiring 7 other families to travel
  • "Why don't I make an Instagram page and share it with the world?"
  • Canada is increasingly Muslim-friendly today
  • Why not drive around in Canada? - Really far from each other
  • Comparing prices of flights
  • Traveling to Banff in Alberta and finding the courage to travel
  • Black Bear Cabins
  • Number one tip when traveling with your significant other
  • Having a similar style of traveling preferences helps
  • Compromise
  • First ever travel memory Akeela remembers vividly
  • Outdoorsy family growing up
  • A road trip from Colombo to the Northeast of Sri Lanka
  • The journey being as important as the destination
  • Traveling in convoys - multiple cars, buses, or vans
  • Getting the children to adopt the lifestyle
  • One iconic story when it comes to travel
  • A trip to Tadoussac, Quebec - A place to go whale watching
  • Feeling and seeing the majesty of Allah SWT
  • What have been the biggest adventures so far for Akeela
  • Skydiving
  • An adventure that she didn't think she would've done - Moving to Canada
  • How do people migrate or move to another country - A daunting experience
  • Meeting other Muslims overseas and them looking out for you there
  • Where does Akeela call home?
  • "One food place for the rest of your life where would that be?"
  • Sushi at different places
  • "One thing that you look forward to when you get back home"
  • Eating home-cooked food and eating vegetables
  • "Given 5 minutes, what are 5 things you will grab if you need to leave for the airport now?"
  • Long flights in and out of Canada


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Exploring Hijabie


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