THTP Season 5 Ep. #7 | The Brown Hitchhiker: Held Out a Thumb For A Ride From London to Singapore

By Halal Trip | 16, Aug, 2022

A journey that took over six months, more than $3,000 and enough grit to last a lifetime, Yahn Adam traversed land and sea from London to Singapore. Passing through Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and others, Yahn talks about the challenges he faced hitchhiking as a brown, Asian man and the amazing hospitality that greeted him in the most unexpected places. We hope you love this episode and Yahn as much as we do!

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What to Listen For

  • Introduction to the Brown Hitchhiker, Yahn Adam
  • Before the grand hitchhiking, not having a passport and not being so interested in traveling
  • A fashion designer
  • The name the Brown Hitchhiker
  • "Thumbs up" to hitchhike
  • Traveling with truck drivers
  • Scared that hitchhiking might go wrong?
  • Interesting stories and conversations he had during the journey
  • Using Google translate to tackle the language barrier
  • Backpacking to Myanmar and meeting other hitchhikers and joining another hitchhiker to hitchhike for 2 weeks in Myanmar
  • Then solo hitchhiking for the first time in Malaysia, from Sabah to Sarawak
  • Losing money during his travels in Vietnam
  • First couch surfing experience
  • Other exciting couch surfing experience - Kazakhstan
  • A great experience with a family in Kazahstan
  • The difference between couch surfing in Europe and couch surfing in Asia
  • Being a Musafir
  • Airbnbs and couch surfing
  • "Would you host your past hosts in return?"
  • Family and friends' reaction when Yahn went hitchhiking
  • Buying a one-way ticket and getting questioned at the customs
  • His route home from London - The countries he went to on the way home
  • Best hitchhiking story yet part 1
  • Traveling to China
  • Relying on the internet for his travels
  • Just brushing off any unfair treatment and be kind to everybody
  • Plans to hitchhike now that travel is coming back
  • Hitchhike from India to Russia. Already started the trip but having to come back when the pandemic hit
  • "Retiring" his hitchhiking days
  • Which country has the nicest people? - Different for different people
  • An interesting story in Russia during the World Cup - Meeting and hanging out with someone who turns out to be a homeless person who sleeps under a car
  • Keeping in contact with the people he met in the past
  • If you could only visit only one city, where would it be? - Aktobe, Kazakhstan and Samara, Russia
  • When driving, would the team stop and pick up a hitchhiker by the side of the road?
  • Hitchhiking daytime or night?


Selected Links From the Episode

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