THTP Season 5 Ep. #8 | The Perfect Duo: Creating The Ideal Facial Retreat for Men

By Halal Trip | 30, Aug, 2022

Getting out of their comfort zones and challenging themselves to grow their passion has always been their greatest strength for the couple behind The Perfect Duo. In this episode, we chat with Amirul Afif on what once was an inner turmoil have now evolved into his very own home-based business. Creating facial retreats for men to care for their skin comfortably within their own private space.

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What to Listen For

  • Introduction to the Perfect Duo and Amirul Afif
  • An idea from 4 years ago - Trying to look for something different to do similar to what females have with their facial treatments
  • Addressing the gap after realizing there's a gap in the market
  • Business-minded couple with many different sidelines
  • What services do they provide and if there's a difference between males and females
  • The reasons why guys are going for their services
  • Many are happy that there are male therapists now
  • Going for courses to learn and getting a mentor
  • Starting a business from home rather than joining a company
  • Freedom
  • Making the career change - Giving up his full-time job
  • Savings and tawakal
  • Best memories with the clients that they have
  • "They say people share their memories with your therapists"
  • Sleep or talk during the sessions
  • Are there any treatments that Muslims cannot do?
  • Snails and leeches?
  • Vampire
  • What is Gua Sha Facial and what does it do?
  • Planning to learn more about Gua Sha
  • Treatments that The Perfect Duo offer and who are they for
  • Nano-Needling - For people with scars, acne scars
  • How many sessions to remove the acne scars? - It depends on the scars
  • Frequency of the sessions
  • Client-based - From the elderly to the Gen-z clients
  • Advice for people wanting to start a business
  • Start early and latch on to the idea - "Do it now but with proper planning, don't rush into it..."
  • Really know your partners
  • How did they know they are ready to open up the business?
  • Keeping up with the competition


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