THTP Season 6 Ep. #5 | Kishon: What Does It Mean To Be Fit?

By Halal Trip | 08, Aug, 2023

Heading back to the topic of healthiness and body-positivity, we’ll be discussing regarding fitness and the importance of being fit with Kishon, an Assistant Coach in St Hildas Secondary. Here we explore the meaning of fitness, the importance of mental strength, and the distinction between being fit and being healthy. Join us in this episode as we learn and understand more about the concept of fitness, and incorporating them into our daily lives.

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What to Listen For

  • Kishon’s journey of becoming a coach, starting with hockey at 13. 
  • Transitioning into coaching due to inspiration from his mentors.
  • The definition of fitness ability to perform daily activities, endurance, stress release, and the importance of enjoying physical activities.
  • The significance of mental strength in achieving fitness goals.
  • Fitness that goes beyond physical aspects and includes mental resilience. 
  • Strong mindset and determination are essential for maintaining consistent fitness routines and achieving long-term goals.
  • Importance in gaining a balance between muscular strength and endurance, finding a balance between gym workouts and athletic activities.
  • The balance between physical limits and avoiding injuries, and share a personal success story of fitness transformation.
  • Kishon’s tips for incorporating physical activity into a busy routine, such as morning and evening exercises, warm-ups, cool-downs
  • Listening to the body's limits, particularly during periods like Ramadan.
  • Ideal fitness routine during Ramadan and navigating through training sessions during fasting periods  incorporating workouts in the morning before breaking fast and highlights the energy benefits of consuming dates. 
  • Importance of communicating with coaches about one's physical state.
  • A reminder to stay determined, maintain willpower, and embrace fitness as a journey. 
  • Kishon personal success story of losing 40 kg in a year, transitioning from a weight of 103 kg to 63.5 kg.
  • The importance of gradual progress, finding a sport or activity one enjoys that’ll motivate oneself to do it regularly, and maintaining the routine for long-term success.
  • Finding balance between fitness and health, clarifying that being fit doesn't necessarily mean being healthy, and vice versa.
  • Plyometrics as a recommended way to maintain agility while improving fitness.
  • Being mindful of energy levels and hydration during training.
  • Misconception that being fit equates to having a certain body type.
  • Avoid putting too much stress on the body, both injury and burnout through rest.
  • Impacts of achieving a healthier lifestyle to one's physical and mental health.


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