The Halal Travel Podcast | SIDETALK #5 | Singlehood, Marriage & Relationships

By Halal Trip | 25, May, 2021

In this episode of Sidetalk, we talk about relationships. We share our views on the different stages in life, how marriage-life being single is different from one another.

How it's like being in a relationship and the joys of singledom. Being single means independence and flexibility but being with someone helps you grow and learn. Don't take us too seriously, we're not Agony Aunts!


What to Listen For

  • Heightened Alert, CB? — What's happening in Singapore?
  • Adjusting to marriage — A change in perspective, age, and catching up
  • Having children — What age?
  • To work or not to work? — Bonding with one's children, Instilling values and the environment for them to grow in
  • What is the ideal age to get married? — Arranged marriage, adoption
  • Enjoying Single-life vs Being in a Relationship — Carefree and fleeting
  • Perks of being in a relationship
  • Choosing partners — Somewhat similar like your parents or opposite attract?
  • Relationships, boon, or a bane? — A burden or a support system
  • The art of compromise
  • Handling conflict and learning from each other
  • One ultimate relationship advice — Meeting in the middle, Managing expectations, and Learning more about yourself


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