The Halal Travel Podcast | SIDETALK #6 | What If You Had No Feelings

By Halal Trip | 01, Jun, 2021

In this episode of Sidetalk, we talk about the things that we would like to see be eliminated or reduced in our lives if given a choice.

Would it better to have too many emotions or none at all? The various what-ifs in a world with no pain, no emotions, and no fear.

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What to Listen For

  • What is one thing you want to eliminate in your life?
  • Erase Emotions? - Tend to make bad decisions and overanalyzing
  • Emotions - the highs, the lows, and how to cope with them
  • The energy behind emotions - Emotions building personalities
  • Personalities of a robotic person?
  • To eliminate pain and suffering - Too much
  • A dilemma - If you eliminate emotions, you can have pain and suffering and it wouldn't matter to you
  • Not being able to appreciate things?
  • A "sponge" of feelings - An infectious thing. Being a "conductor" or an "insulator"
  • Feeling the mood of the room
  • Being positive without being affected by the moods of others
  • "Everything happens for a reason"
  • Not eliminate but redo - EXAMS!
  • To eliminate Fear
  • Fear as a limitation, a psychological barrier
  • Fear or worry? - Overthinking the small things
  • "Worrying is hereditary" - The environment you're in
  • Reducing Procrastination
  • Hereditary - Traits, an upbringing, genetic?
  • Sleeping as a form of escaping worry - A mental issue
  • In the end, there's no point in blaming yourself for these kinds of things

In case you're curious of Polished Spongebob:



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