The Halal Travel Podcast | SIDETALK #7 | If We Had Superpowers, We Would

By Halal Trip | 08, Jun, 2021

In this episode of Sidetalk, this episode, we debate whether teleportation triumphs invisibility and the silly yet realistic situations we would find ourselves in as superheroes. Answering questions like "how we would use these superpowers?" and "why we think they're the best".

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What to Listen For

  • The Superpowers!
  • Shadowcat, from the X-men - Phasing
  • Raudha: "I can get away with a lot of things"
  • Why Teleport? - Faster!
  • What if there are so many people teleporting?
  • Using Teleporting to travel or is phasing better?
  • Teleporting to space and Mars
  • What if you have a superpower where you snap your fingers and you are ready - Getting Ready Instantly
  • Being the Flash! - Going to the past and the future
  • Justice League: Snyder Cut
  • Questions on Phasing as a superpower
  • Going to the X-Men school to learn
  • Perks of Phasing as a superpower
  • Is TV teleportation?
  • Looking Glass - 3D pictures, a real-life GIF
  • Holographic technology
  • Using the powers for Good!
  • What superpowers we don't like?


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