The Halal Travel Podcast | SIDETALK #10 | Learning How To Be Grateful

By Halal Trip | 29, Jun, 2021

In this episode of SIDETALK, we talk about the instances that made us extremely upset and how we eventually learned to be grateful about them. We realized that each of us had many similar stories to tell and as painful as they were to experience, we all agree that we came out better and stronger from the incident.


What to Listen For

  • Nurul's story - Back in Junior College
  • School, JCs, A-Levels and taking a gap year which would actually become a blessing in disguise
  • Hazirah's story - PSLE and Secondary School
  • Choosing her secondary school and polytechnic - Going to another school from where she wanted but it turned out to be the best years of her life
  • Education in Singapore. School being a major part of everyone here.
  • Raudha's story - Being an intern
  • Writing emails and communicating with someone working remotely. Miscommunicating. Learning about patience.
  • Not taking action in the heat of anger.
  • Getting scolded for something you're not in the wrong. Being in customer service and the frontline.
  • Finding lessons in hard situations.


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