The Halal Travel Podcast | SIDETALK #11 | Are You Afraid of Cats?

By Halal Trip | 06, Jul, 2021

In this episode of SIDETALK, we talk about the fear of cats! Believe it or not, the number of cats our team members have in total outnumber the number of humans! Nurul and Raudha are the only people in the team who are afraid of cats and we are on a quest to turn them into cat-loving beings!


What to Listen For

  • Cat family in HalalTrip
  • Nurul and Raudha's fear of cats
  • Raudha's cat experience 1 - At a streetside restaurant
  • Nurul's cat experience - At a friend's house during Hari Raya and the black cat
  • Not being able to anticipate their actions
  • On to the Dog stories
  • Hazirah's Dog experience 1 - Jeju and the dog chasing
  • Hazirah's Dog experience 2 - Shenzhen
  • Is it the fur?
  • Adopting a cat during Circuit Breaker
  • Raudha's cat story 2 - the in-law's kitten
  • Cat smelling feet
  • Living in Singapore - Dog handling here
  • Nurul's Dog sitter neighbor
  • Cat sitters and Cat Hotel
  • Traveling with your fur friends - Pet-friendly flights
  • Pet-friendly hotels


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