The Halal Travel Podcast | Season 4 SIDETALK 1 | Things We'd Grab in An Emergency

By Halal Trip | 06, Oct, 2021

We're back with another SideTalk episode! This season, we're warming up with some rapid-fire questions and on this episode, we talk about the recent island-wide Public Warning System (PWS) sounding in Singapore. Though we grew up knowing these sirens signal imminent threats, understanding what they mean and when they are used is something we realized, we needed to educate ourselves more on.


What to Listen For

  • Kopiko candy - Off topic but still really nice
  • 5/7 Rapid Fire Questions
    • What is your favorite drink?
    • Summer or Winter?
    • What was the last gift you gave someone?
    • City or the Beach?
    • Something you are excited about this year?
    • Pizza or Pasta?
    • First Celebrity Crush
  • Main Question for this SIDETALK:
    What would you grab before you leave the house when you hear the sirens go off / during an emergency?
  • Raudha: Phone, Charger, Clothes, Snacks, and Glasses
  • Nationwide drills to practice?
  • Nurul: Switch on the Radio, Check the status of family members first, Identification documents in a briefcase, Water, and NCC uniform(?)
  • The old Bomb Shelters and the Bomb Shelters in the new houses
  • Hazirah: Get a Radio, First-Aid Kit, Blanket, Clothes, Grandparents, Portable Chair, and the Cat
  • Keeping an Emergency Bag to grab and go with a First-Aid Kit
  • Always good to be prepared for the worst if and when the time comes


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