The Halal Travel Podcast S4 SideTalk 2 | Would You Rather Be Oblivious or Self-Conscious?

By Halal Trip | 12, Oct, 2021

Nurul and Raudha are team oblivious and Hazirah is team self-conscious. This Sidetalk, we discuss if it's better to live hyper-conscious of your surroundings and the people around you or be completely indifferent and unaware. We touch on identity, awareness, confidence, and in all, reflect on how time steadily changes people and perception.


What to Listen For

  • 5 Rapid Fire Questions
    • Movies or Hike?
    • One person you are most grateful for?
    • Tapao or Dine-in?
    • K-Drama or J-Drama? - is Anime J-Drama?
    • One thing you want to fix about yourself?
  • Main Question for this SIDETALK:
    Would You Rather Be Extremely Self-Conscious or Completely Oblivious?
  • Raudha & Nurul: Oblivious!
  • Hazirah: Self-Concious
  • What is the meaning of Self-Consciousness?
  • Being accepted by others
  • Personality - Understanding what you like and who you are
  • Examples of self-consciousness
  • Self Awareness might be a more fitting term
  • No right or wrong
  • Oblivious might sound better for overthinkers
  • How confident you are before you let other peoples' opinions affect you
  • Reading the room - being yourself or toning it down
  • Does Age affect your self-awareness and confidence?
  • Scenarios made up in your mind
  • People placing importance on different things in life
  • People and things
  • If there are things that went wrong, it's not worth getting hung up about it
  • QadrAllah


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