The Halal Travel Podcast S4 SideTalk 3 | Not Squid Game Again?!

By Halal Trip | 20, Oct, 2021

**Spoilers ahead**

Don't listen to this episode if you've not watched Squid Game and intend to! In this episode, we talk about the viral Squid Game series and discuss our honest thoughts on the show, the phenomenon, and easter eggs we missed. We try to convince Nurul to jump on the bandwagon and give the show a shot despite the violence, gore, and (partial) spoilers.


What to Listen For


  • 5 Rapid Fire Questions
    • What is something you bought for yourself recently?
    • Something that's on your wishlist that you want to get
    • What is a food that you are craving recently?
    • Last thing you saved to list on Netflix
    • Continue watching for you
  • Squid Game on Netflix
  • What Nurul thinks what Squid Game is
  • Is there only 1 winner?
  • Premises of the Squid Game
  • Korean Childhood games for survival
  • Why is it popular?
  • Production work for the series - The setting, the effects and more
  • Can it be 1 movie or should it still be a series?
  • Pop-culture reference
  • Really good actors and actresses
  • English subtitles misinterpretation
  • Stories behind the contestants - Financial difficulties or people who are dying
  • Sidestory - Organ harvesting
  • Movies or series that was written or filmed around 10 years ago similar to Squid Game
    • Dukun - the Malaysian movie
    • Avatar
  • The masked man
  • The last episode of Squid Game
  • Easter Eggs you might have missed
  • Ali in the Squid Game


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