The Halal Travel Podcast S4 SideTalk 4 | This or That: Life Edition

By Halal Trip | 27, Oct, 2021

We answer random questions asked by our producer on this episode and it has got us thinking about things we'd otherwise never ponder about. Like, is a hotdog a sandwich? Which actor would play us in a movie? It is safe to say that some interesting revelations took place on this SideTalk.

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What to Listen For


  • Different format this episode
  • Friendster Testimonials!
  • Would you rather throw away Love or Money? - Money for all
    • You can earn back money but it's different for love
  • If you had to go to war would you rather do it on the Front Lines fighting or doing Logistics?
    • Nurul - Frontline
    • Raudha - Logistics
    • Hazirah - Medic
  • If you could erase one event in history, what event would you erase?
    • Raudha - NAFA Test and running
    • Hazirah -?
    • Nurul - Pandemic
  • Would you rather always sweat or cry? - Sweat for all
    • Crying would be painful and exhausting
    • Swollen face
  • Would you rather look like a potato or feel like a potato?
    • Raudha - Feel like a Potato
    • Hazirah - Look like a Potato
    • Nurul - Look like Mrs. Potatohead
  • What would be the stupidest thing you would do if you knew you had 1 week to live?
    • Nurul - Take all the things and throw [Fragment room]
    • Raudha - Things that she would never do. Like planting potatoes and beansprout in the middle of the Padang
    • Hazirah - Follow Raudha
  • Is a hot dog a sandwich or is it not? - What is A Hotdog? What is a Sandwich?
    • Hazirah & Nurul - Yes
    • Raudha - No
  • Which character would play you in a movie?
    • Hazirah - Fat Amy
    • Raudha - Some Old Malay actress? or Fazura or Yuna
    • Nurul - Charlize Theron or Sandra Bullock


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