The Halal Travel Podcast S4 SideTalk 5 | Shopping Sustainably

By Halal Trip | 05, Nov, 2021

The idea of shopping sustainably sounds daunting, expensive, and contradicting at times but with the rise in eco-awareness and companies that strive to provide transparency in brands, the idea is perhaps not so scary anymore. This SideTalk, we share our personal habits as we attempt to shop consciously, build a more sustainable wardrobe and ultimately inculcate viable spending habits.

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What to Listen For


  • 5 Rapid Fire Questions
    • What makes you happy?
    • City or country person?
    • How would your best friends describe you?
    • What's your dream job?
    • What color best describe you?
    • What are you most passionate about?
    • What are you most obsessed about now? - Changing passwords, making granola and Korean Dramas
  • Main Topic: How do you shop responsibly or sustainably?
  • Shopping online - more packaging
  • Bringing your own bag when shopping outside - IKEA Bags
  • Bringing their own water bottle around
  • Something that we do sometimes and not something we do every time
  • Compost bin
  • Additional Packaging and plastics we get- What to do with them?
  • Reusing
  • Recycling days - Especially in Korea and Japan
  • Shopping in fast fashion? Selling/giving away your old clothes?
  • Thrift shopping, buying things in the second-hand market, and hand-me-downs
  • Buying online then the piece of clothing doesn't fit, another is bought - Feels wasteful
  • Curbing online shopping addiction
  • Sustainable brands, H&M Conscious and the like
  • Sustainability factor as a priority when finding a product?
  • Rejecting an item because it's not sustainable?
  • Organic products; better in cosmetics maybe


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