The Halal Travel Podcast S5 Sidetalk 3 | This or That: Travel Edition

By Halal Trip | 04, May, 2022

More people are starting to travel overseas as the situation of the pandemic is getting better. Would you travel solo or with loved ones? Watch as we discuss this or that on travel-related questions.


What to Listen For


  • Window or aisle seat?
    • Window - Unanimously
    • Raudha - For the view and leaning on the walls to sleep
    • Hazirah - View and the fluffy clouds but sitting in the middle with other people you know is so cozy
    • Nurul - To see that the plane is moving because if not its a little claustrophobic
    • Seating in the first row
  • When you first arrive at a destination, do you sleep in or go out and explore?
    • Raudha - Go out but it depends on what time of the day the arrival is
    • Hazirah - If a lot of time in hand, sleep first freshen up then go out to get groceries
    • Nurul - Go to the toilet, then to the hotel to unpack then go out to find food
    • Yucky feeling when you just got off the flight
    • First-day sight-seeing or just exploring the immediate area
  • Markets or Shopping Mall?
    • Hazirah - Farmers Market, to soak in the local culture and to get localized products
    • Shopping malls looking similar around the world
    • Supermarkets being different
  • Street Food or Restaurant?
    • Hazirah - If Halal and clean then street food
    • Food poisoning scare when traveling
    • Nurul - Depends. Street food for their convenience and price but sometimes you want to be fancy so restaurants
    • The weather affecting your choice between Street Food or Restaurants
    • Traveling overseas so wanting to try more things
  • Rent a car or private hires?
    • Hazirah - Rent a car so she can go anywhere she wants and sometimes the prices of private hires can fluctuate a lot
    • Raudha - Public Transport if the country has efficient public transport. But in a country with affordable private hires then that. Private hires for the comfort or with parents
    • Nurul - Motorbike because of the congestion
    • Renting a car overseas
    • Driving to the countryside or going to different places
  • Travel solo or with loved ones?
    • Hazirah - With someone so she can talk to them when traveling
    • Raudha - Enjoy a bit of both
    • Nurul - Solo. Don't have a chance to travel solo or maybe one or two others so there's no need to take care of the logistics of travel
    • Getting to do what you want but traveling with loved ones has its own perks too
  • Supposed trip to Uzbekistan


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