Season 5 Sidetalk #4 | Bukit Merah’s Favorite Kakak: Aziema Muslim Stall

By Halal Trip | 12, Jul, 2022

Aziema Muslim Stall brings back a lot of memories for Raudha and in this new SideTalk concept, we head out to Bukit Merah to get a taste and a glimpse of this much-beloved stall by many of its regulars.

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What to Listen For


  • Where they are today? - Aziema Muslim Stall in Bukit Merah
  • The choices and ordering of food
  • Trying out a new concept for the podcast
  • Raudha's return after 5 years and Nurul and Hazirah's first time there
  • Why Aziema Muslim Stall is iconic with the HalalTrip team?
  • The old office and a favorite lunch spot
  • A special everyday
  • Aziema Muslim Stall was featured in the first food video we made a few years ago
  • How Aziema Muslim Stall started
  • "Kita buat dia, bukan dia buat kita" - A quote on perserverence
  • Nurul's work location surprise
  • Working in this area and the other food locations nearby
  • Being locked out of the office
  • HalalTrip's move to the current office
  • Perks of the last office - Level 7 committee organizing events to get to know everybody
  • The time when the team is growing and working in a small company back then
  • Tour of the old office building


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