Season 5 THTP Sidetalk Ep.#7 | Lukhon Thai

By Halal Trip | 25, Aug, 2022

With one of us traveling soon, we talk about recent travel hacks we've come across over a Singaporean pastime - eating!

Halal mookata is becoming increasingly popular among locals and Lukhon Thai is a Halal-certified location in the East.

It's a great way to catch up with friends and family over food and this Halal alternative uses butter, margarine, and sometimes chicken fat.

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What to Listen For


  • Where they are today? - Lukhon Thai at Foodfare Fairground in Pasir Ris
  • Mookata - Thai-style steamboat
  • Why is the dome shape?
  • The team's experience with mookata or steamboat
  • Today's topic - Travel hacks
  • Raudha's travel plans and how long it took to prepare them. Pre-Covid vs Now
  • Driving overseas, driving a campervan for the first time, and the whole campervan experience
  • Airbnb for campsites for caravans
  • Why Australia?
  • Travel Hack 1 - For long city layovers, some airports provide free city tours
  • Hazirah's Istanbul Layover - Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and more
  • Airports that offer free city tours during layovers: Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Istanbul, and Salt Lake City
  • Travel Hack 2 - Free Museum admissions for tourists or students
  • Research the attraction tickets before you go
  • Travel Hack 3 - Students fly 10% off on most major airlines
  • They also get extra baggage. Some allow for a change in flight timings
  • Travel Hack 4 - Packing properly for travel to really enjoy the destination
  • Travel Hack 5 - Best to know someone there too so they can show you local experience and not the touristy parts of the destination
  • Connecting with other people in walking tours, hostels
  • Travel Hack 6 - When you are traveling with others, always bring a plug extension
  • Travel Hack 7 - Putting carry-on luggage in your check-in luggage for long flights
  • Sticking to your itinerary or plan when traveling
  • Balancing between relaxing and going out to see what the destination has to offer
  • Some parts should be planned and the other remaining free-and-easy
  • Going to a destination as part of a tour 
  • Travel Hack 8 - Credit Cards and Debit Cards are one of the biggest keys to give you a lot of benefits
  • Percentage off, air miles linked to the credit cards
  • Canceled trip to Japan that got canceled because of the pandemic
  • Do you post your pictures during the trip or after the trip?
  • Collecting things during your trip and make something out of them so you can revisit the trip in the future.


Lukhon Thai

Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre
110 Pasir Ris Central, #02-05, Singapore 519641


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