6 Travel Planning Tips to Have The BEST Girls Getaway!

By Rashmi Wickramasinghe | 27, May, 2019
6 Travel Planning Tips to Have The BEST Girls Getaway!

Everyone loves a good getaway but a getaway with all your best gal pals is the best!

A few days away from the stresses of everyday life with your closest circle of friends can start off as a great idea but organizing a girls trip definitely comes with its challenges and as the organizer, you will have to carry the brunt of most of the problems. Oops!


No worries! These tips will save the day!

1. Everyone gets a say

Starting with one of the most important points, everyone has different needs and expectations from this trip so it’s always good to discuss details with everyone going on the trip.

Make sure the trip fulfills everyone’s needs – difficult, I know, but it is important that everyone enjoys and no one is feeling left out. Allow everyone in the group to contribute to ideas, what kind of activities they’ll like to do, what kind of hotel to stay in etc.

It is important that the intention of the trip resonates with everyone and that there are no disagreements with the final decision.

2. Don’t have too many options

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When planning a getaway it is easy to get carried away and have a long list of places to go and things to do without anyone really deciding on anything. As the organizer it is your job to be the decisive one in the group, when there are many suggestions help them come to an agreement on one destination and everything will fall into place from there.

For extra fun why not plan a mystery trip, where you get to decide the destination and itinerary. Once, the dates are set you can surprise the girls with the plan!

3. The budget

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Having the right budget for the trip is very important and when there are more people involved it can lead to some issues. It is important to consider how much every single person is willing to spend on the trip, so ask your girlfriends to be honest about their budget so that your plans don’t go over budget making that person feel left out.

The best way to cut down on cost is to stay at hostels or cozy bed-and-breakfasts, Airbnb can also be very cost effective. Remember the destination and the activities planned should be the most important part of the trip as you all will be spending less time staying in your rooms, therefore it’s not the best idea to spend a lot on accommodation – unless you’ll are planning a resort spa vacation, then, by all means, go ahead and splurge on a luxurious hotel.

4. Travel Insurance

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It’s always good to be prepared for anything, so always have travel insurance.

Since you will be organizing everything, you will be making most of the important payments such as bookings and activity fares, therefore travel insurance is very important.

Travel insurance can cover travel companions but the golden rule of thumb is that each person should invest in their own travel insurance. Most insurance companies offer plans that can fit any budget, so it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

5. Wardrobe

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The most fun part of a trip is what you’ll be wearing, so go shopping with the whole group prior to the trip, this way everyone’s outfits would be on point and no one will be left behind.

Only shop for essentials, get comfy clothes or clothes that fit the climate of the destination the best – you don’t want to be sweating at a sunny locale in thick materials or be freezing at cold temperatures ‘cause you forgot that one extra wool shawl.

Help each other choose outfits that are the best fit and organize a proper getaway wardrobe. An outfit when going to the location, a few outfits for any activities planned, like good sportswear attire for a hike and a cute fanny pack to carry your phone and wet wipes in, a nice outfit for a fancy dinner with the girls or matching pajamas for a movie night with room service.

6. Relax

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Remember that as important as it is to organize a proper trip with your girlfriends you should also be present at the moment and have a quality bonding session with them. After all, that’s why you all are going on this trip.

Reserve one on one bonding sessions, have multiple group activities you all can experience together. Don’t forget to take as many pictures as possible and record your moments together, memories are important, especially ones made with the best people, but most importantly HAVE FUN!


Now, go forth and plan that girls trip!

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