Tips For Muslims Working From Home During Ramadan

By Arwa Munnaverali | 14, May, 2020
Tips For Muslims Working From Home During Ramadan

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous individuals working from home due to lockdown and restrictions put into motion by their relevant nations. With Ramadan now ongoing, a lot of Muslims across the globe ponder on how to remain productive while juggling the work-from-home lifestyle and Ramadan.

If one thing is for certain it is that that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how we work. While we all have begun working from home, a large number of us are still struggling to acclimate to this paradigm shift. Working from home implies more interruptions, fewer approaches to associate normally with fellow colleagues and loved ones, and increasingly social isolation. In any case, a large number of us have additionally gotten exceptionally inventive during our time at home in the course of recent weeks! From arts and crafts to baking, gardening, and much more, a considerable lot of us have acclimated to make a sound work-life balance in what we call the current status - a `new normal`.

The current situation in what we are has a likelihood of being extending for a considerable length of time. The advantages of working from home during Ramadan are in bounty. You can make an adaptable timetable that suits your everyday exercises. You get the opportunity to pick where you might want to work from – be it from the solace of your bed or your dining table. You get to save up on the time you would ideally spend on your commute, giving you more additional time to indulge yourself in prayers and reflection. And to top it all of, you get to spend more time with your family!

In all situations, along with the advantages, there are disadvantages too. The difficulties of teamwork and correspondence become obvious when colleagues are scattered across the nation in the confinements of their homes as opposed to how it would be when meeting at office premises. Due to working in isolation, you can encounter forlornness, unable to adhere to a boundary between your working timetable, your prayer plan, and your family time which could hinder your motivation. In advance, let your employer know as to when Ramadan is approaching and keep your employer and colleagues on the loop that you will be fasting.

Many individuals respond to working from home in various manners. To those who have never had to work from home, it might appear to be a recently discovered opportunity to venture out and indulge in other productive activities at the same time.

During this Ramadan, if you end up working from home, here are some valuable tips for you! These tips can help you to get used to working from home during Ramadan and ensure that you remain productive.

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1. Keep Up a Schedule and Plan for the Day

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It is essential to develop strict schedules or working hours. Wake up at your typical time and go through your standard day to day routine whilst incorporating time for your prayers. On the off chance that you are a parent with an infant, utilize their rest times effectively, and attempt to plan work that requires extreme concentration or telephone calls during these occasions. You might need to have a discussion with your manager about an altered timetable that works for both of you while working from home with a child. It is vital to set a timetable for the day and monitor your daily routine and whether you are sticking to it. Likewise, include brief breaks in your calendar to invigorate and reenergize to increment and lift your efficiency levels. Be in the present and focus on tasks for the day. Look forward to the end of the workday. Plan for the week using task management techniques.

2. Keep Tabs on Your Children

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Along with us having to work from home due to the closure of offices, children too will be at home with you due to school closures. Like how you would draw up a schedule for yourself, plan a timetable which consists of a few exercises such as arts and crafts that would keep them involved and occupied while you work. To ensure that your children do not feel disengaged, make sure to include their meal times as well. 

3. Set Up a Beneficial and Comfortable Workspace

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If you have experienced working from home previously, you would know that the main tools required to carry out your tasks efficiently and effectively are a high-speed solid internet connection and router, as well as a comfortable and relaxed workspace that is well lit, ventilated and preferably with an ergonomic chair.

4. Collaborate
 with Your Team and Loved Ones

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Given the current situation in the world, sentiments of detachment and isolation are common with all those currently working from home. Presently, things are quite tough without the capacity to see companions or depend on standard ways of dealing with stress like meeting up with friends, going for a movie, or even enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant. Working from home can be lonely, so make sure you have sync up call with your team on a daily basis and conduct a sanity check on each of them. Continue conversing with individuals so that you do not feel disengaged. There are various applications that you can use like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Google Meet.

5. Limit the Time Spent on Social Media

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If it is one guilty pleasure the modern generation has – it would be being very attached to social media. This addiction can be one goliath mood killer in case you are not cautious and use it in small doses daily. When you spend your time on social media, ensure that it does not cause a negative state of mind. Limit time spent checking the news to break times. Choose alerts from a few trusted sources if necessary.

6. Self-love and Self-care

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During these troubling times, work should not be your only priority. Deal with your physical and mental prosperity during this delicate time too. Set yourself up for progress by getting enough physical movement and keeping up your emotional well-being. This can incorporate meditating, having a blog to let out your thoughts and to express yourself, yoga or online workout tutorials. These exercises, even if they are in small doses, may assist you with letting out some repressed steam and bad energy so you can concentrate on your work better. Consolidate more exercise into your everyday schedule to keep up your empowered state of mind. Ensure to also snack healthy and right. Substitute your junk food consumption with brain foods like fruits and nuts which help maintain your vitality levels. Wash your hands routinely with soap and water taking into consideration the 8 stages to clean your hands. Make sure to wash and disinfect your hands often. Abstain from touching and making contact with your face.

What more would you be able to do to make the most out of Ramadan this `Working from home` period?

When creating your schedule for when you are working from home during this Ramadan, make ensure you incorporate your daily prayers and iftar preparation timings in your list. Nowadays it is easier to draw up lists and forget about them the very next moment. Be disciplined to ensure that you stick by the schedule and not evade or take into consideration all that has to be done during the holy month of Ramadan.

Here are some pointers that you can take note of!

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  • Take ablution and perform Tahajjud and Fajr.
  • Practice manners and Dua of waking up & morning Azkar.
  • Keep updated with the news around the world and stay connected with your loved ones. Catch up and have a virtual meet up with family, friends or colleagues.
  • Perform Duha.
  • Be in the state of Wudu for the entire day.
  • Incorporate short breaks for breathing exercises or light stretches in between tasks.


  • Perform Zuhr.
  • During your lunch break, utilize it for iftar preparations. Try out a new recipe. Cook a healthy and hearty meal for Iftar!
  • Take a 20-minute power nap during the day to recharge and wake up feeling refreshed!


  • Perform Asr.
  • Complete Evening Azkar.
  • Perform Maghrib.
  • Have iftar with your family and inquire about how their day went and if there are any challenges they require assistance with. Use serving spoons to prevent germs from spreading.
  • Spend some time reading the Quran and learning religious knowledge. You could also listen to Islamic podcasts.
  • Perform Isha.
  • Sleep early. Working from home can get exhausting, so getting ample and consistent sleep is key to being productive the next day.


Make an effort to be cautious about your eating and napping timings when you are not fasting. Try not to keep awake until late at night, entertaining yourself with different exercises. Make it a point to sleep early. Working from home can deplete your energy, so getting as much rest as possible is critical to having a fruitful day the following day.

Talk it out with your boss with regard to the chance of not having your lunch break. Inquire as to whether they will permit you to keep working at noon or take a shorter mid-day break for prayers.

Keep yourself hydrated well during the night and at Sahoor and after iftar, with the goal that you don't get dehydrated during your working hours.

Working from home during the holy month of Ramadan may not be what you arranged or anticipated prior to the pandemic. However, you can take advantage of it. Figure out what's vital and organize your schedule appropriately. Remain concentrated so you can work capably and possess more energy for different undertakings like your prayers.


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