5 Tips For Traveling With Kids [Interview]

By Halal Trip | 20, Jul, 2017
Traveling should be a time of enjoyment, spending time with your friends and loved ones. When you grow older and have kids, traveling with them can be quite difficult since there are many things to take into consideration. Is the destination child-friendly? Can I bring my stroller on board the plane? Where can I bring my children to have fun? You'd be asking yourself so many questions, and end up hesitating to travel because you're too afraid. Not to worry, have a look at HalalTrip's ultimate guide to traveling with kids.
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A YouTuber, blogger, traveler and mom of adorable twin girls, Hasna shares her daily life through her vlogs on her YouTube channel. Her passions lie in beauty, makeup and fashion, and her Instagram, Youtube and blog are a testament to this. Being a French-Moroccan living in Singapore (having previously lived in other places), and an ardent traveler, Hasna knows a thing or two about traveling with small children. Read on to learn 5 useful tips on traveling with kids shared by Hasna.

1) Safe destination

When looking for family travel destinations, it’s important to make sure that the place you choose is safe for you and your family. Make sure that the area is secure and that there aren’t any outbreak of diseases going around at the time. The last thing you want is to come back from vacation having fallen ill. You can take precautions and get vaccinated before you go on a holiday. Some common shots you can get include vaccination shots for influenza, hepatitis, yellow fever and rabies.

2) Proper Research

After you've picked a safe destination, the next thing for you to do is to research on the Muslim-friendly and child-friendly facilities available. Find out which restaurants serve Halal food, and where you can go to pray in the middle of a busy day of sightseeing. And carefully consider all the top places to go with kids, so you can have the perfect all-inclusive vacation with the kids and the family.


3) Flexible Itinerary

When you’re on vacation, you feel like you need to make the most out of the time available; go to as many places; do as many things as possible. But when you‘re traveling with small children (or the elderly), things are not going to always go as planned. Have a general outline for your itinerary, and make sure it is flexible so that you can change it along the way. An important tip is to take into consideration the sleeping schedules of your kids, so that they are well-rested and happy throughout the holiday.

4) Essential items

Take careful consideration of what to pack when traveling with kids. Make sure that you have all the essentials covered. This includes medication (especially for kids), appropriate clothing, baby essentials, chargers, etc. And a good strategy is to take along some toys or entertainment to keep them occupied. Bringing toys along while traveling with toddlers makes travel a lot easier and more fun. But before you get ahead of yourself and shove all the things you own into suitcase after suitcase, be smart about what you pack. Make a family holiday packing list and stick to it. That doll set that stands 2 feet high: unnecessary, and coloring books and crayons: aces!

5) Spend Time With Your Family

And finally, most of all, spend quality time with your family! There is no point in spending all that time, effort, and money for an all-inclusive vacation with the kids if you don’t have fun. Don’t stress out if every single thing doesn’t go according to the plan, that’s bound to happen especially when you're with young kids. Make the most of the time you have with your family and kids and make some beautiful memories.

Important Tip:

When flying with kids, it’s important to find out from the airline about their specific rules and regulations, as well as any additional fees. Most, if not all, airlines have restrictions on the size of your kid's booster seat and stroller. Also, find out if the airline provides kid-friendly food and amenities such as bibs and baby wipes, so that you can prepare them beforehand if they don't.
We hope all you mothers out there have learnt a thing or two about traveling with kids. Now you don't have to hesitate to book a family holiday with your loved ones!
Special thanks to @hasnahijabstyle. You can watch her video here.

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