Tips for Travelling in Mexico

By Halal Trip | 28, Jul, 2015
Tips for Travelling in Mexico

Mexico is an exciting travel destination with its own distinct culture and traditions. It offers something for all types of travellers – be it spending a few leisurely hours at its beautiful beaches, visiting the colonial cities, shopping or simply enjoying its various adventure activities – Mexico has it all.  

Be careful about where you eat

Finding Halal food in Mexico can be quite difficult. Muslim travellers should be wary that pork is a common ingredient in most Mexican cuisine and many restaurants in Mexico use pork fat in the preparation of vegetarian dishes as well. It is best to find a Halal restaurant for meals. Click here for a guide to finding Halal food in Mexico City. 

Bring plenty of sun screen

Mexico is a bright and sunny destination, with plenty of sunshine throughout the country. When travelling to Mexico, it is advisable to bring plenty of sunscreen along with you – particularly if you plan on heading to the beaches. Biodegradable sunscreen is recommended – which is quite expensive in Mexico itself – if you plan on snorkelling or diving.

Explore Mexico's archaeological sites

Mexico's archaeological sites are amongst its most popular attractions and it is home to a total of 182 sites – many of which are designated UNESCO World Patrimony Sites. Some of the destination's most prominent archaeological sites include the Aztec sacred site of Teotihuacán, the ruins of Templo Mayor and Tlatelolco, the ancient city complex of Monte Albán and the Mayan city-state of Palenque.

Exercise sensible safety precautions

Like travelling in any other country, taking general safety measures is very important. When heading out to the streets, make sure that your money is in an inside pocket or pouch where it is not visible and avoid wearing any expensive jewellery or accessories. Always ensure that your room and balcony doors are locked at your hotel or accommodation option and it is best to select a room that offers the services of an in-room safe.

Have at least 2 hours for your stopover in Mexico City

To avoid any serious travel mishaps, make sure that you have at least 2 hours minimum for your stopover in Mexico City. This is in case of delays and to get through customs with your luggage once collected at baggage claim.    

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