Top 10 Muslim TikTokers of 2022

By Saniya Baxi | 21, Nov, 2022
Top 10 Muslim TikTokers of 2022

Tiktokers and their influential videos have a day-to-day effect on everybody’s life in the current generation. Using the TikTok app, content creation has become a favorite past-time and a career for many.

Similarly, Muslim Tiktokers are taking social media by storm through their varied videos and the messages conveyed through them. 

So, eager to know the top Muslim TikTokers in 2022? The list below in no particular order will bring out the profiles of famous Muslim TikTokers you could follow and enjoy their content. Stay with us for some interesting information!

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1. Humeyra - @huummiiii

Humeyra - @huummiii

Image Credit: @huummiiiii on Instagram

Enjoying over 1.2 million followers on Tiktok, Huummiii is the account of an inspirational Muslim Tiktoker who impacts young Muslim girls in terms of following many virtues like modesty.

Besides, she gained fame when she collaborated with Krabby and created a viral video that crossed more than 80,000 views. 

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2. Hiwabusaly - @hiwafitcoaching

Do fitness videos raise your adrenaline? You must look out for the videos posted regularly by Hiwabusaly which concentrate on building the trend of home workouts. While he did take a brief break from Tiktok, he is back with a bang to create more inspiring and useful content for fitness freaks. 

You could clear all your fitness doubts with him as he is an active user with around 621K followers. Moreover, he gives easy videos to make home workouts an effective tool for fitness.

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3. Dr. Farajhasan - @dr.farajhasan

dr. farajhasan

Image Credit: @dr.farajhasan on Instagram

Hailing from New Jersey, USA, he gives weightage to reciting the Holy Quran through his Tiktok videos. Also, he believes that he can connect with people easily through his Quran learning. Including mesmerizing locations in his Quran recitation has garnered viral views from the Muslim community. 

Being a medical doctor by profession, he uses TikTok to inspire many on the benefits of Quran recitation through his timely and influential videos. He inspires his 1.5 million followers and is one of the top Tiktokers in 2022 for the Muslim population. 

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4. Aboo Hafsah - @aboohafsah

Another Quran reciter with impeccable videos is Aboo Hafsah. Further, he is well-known for his Quran delivery from his black cab.

This setup has gained many followers around 291K. If you are looking to practice Quran and learn the deep values rooted in the holy script, do pay his social media account a quick visit. 

Apart from this, he promotes beard products through an online store based in the UK. The store provides numerous options made from vegan products including brushes, oils, rollers, etc. Also, many of his videos touch on varied topics of daily happenings in the Muslim community. 

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5. Mohammed Sweidan - @mohammad_sweidan

Being a computer engineer, he has garnered 1.4 million followers on the popular platform and makes a mark in the field of edutainment through his videos. Strikingly, his content is both hilarious and thought-provoking.

This has led to a huge fan base in Tiktok and no wonder he is one of the top Tiktokers in 2022. 

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6. Amy Roko - @amyroko

amy roko fashion

Image Credit: @amyroko on Instagram

A young Muslim woman showing her multifaceted talents like beauty, challenges, skits, and other outfit changes is Amy Roko. She is indeed a female empowerer showing that Niqabi women can still display comedic skills while loving fashion. 

Breaking stereotypes for Muslim women is her major message and she has brilliantly outlined the same through her viral and conceptual videos in TikTok. 

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7. Alwaleed Alkurdi - @alkurdii__

Like any other Tiktoker who rose to fame, Alwaleed Alkurdi tries his hand at rating restaurants. Meanwhile, he gives away interesting videos regarding his daily life schedules that have attracted a viral set of followers. 

Besides, he keeps displaying his adorable taste in trying out different dishes while posting his favorites. This helps many people in following his taste too!



8. Dalal Aldoub - @dalalidofficial 

dalal aldoub

Image Credit: @dalalid on Instagram

Fashion tips and tricks are right up her sleeve and Dalal Aldoub is one of the many famous Tiktokers who enjoys around 178K followers. Her videos are informative in terms of the fashion and beauty industry. 

This Kuwaiti TikTok influencer never misses posting content and they are quirky. Moreover,  the hijab look boosts many Muslim women’s morale to follow fashion. 

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9. Pookie - @pookieateacookie

This TikToker’s food content will leave you in splits. Along with these, some of the most popular places in the UAE are an important inclusion in the videos. If you are a regular scroller of the “For You Page”, you are sure to find this TikToker with more than 134K followers and likes touching a million. 

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10. Mahmoud Shanaa - @moodyshanaa

mahmoud shanaa

Image Credit: @moodyshana on Instagram

This pick is for the comedy videos posted to show the life of Arab moms along with university information. Also, his trends focus on understanding the life of a student when studying abroad which might be plenty useful to many thinking to follow in his footsteps. 

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Bonus: HalalTrip

halaltrip tiktok

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Final Thoughts

If TikTok is the platform that keeps you hooked, you could try following the above people to create a change in your life with a bit of fashion, religion, and enjoyable content. Entertainment is right in your hands when using TikTok.

So, check out these Tiktokers and widen your knowledge through the most popular digital medium!


Cover Image Credit: Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

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