Top 5 Cable Car Rides of the World

By Halal Trip | 30, Aug, 2016
Top 5 Cable Car Rides of the World

Taking a cable car ride is always an exciting experience. The invention of cable cars has made it easier for us to explore destinations that were difficult to reach and spectacular scenes that were hidden from our eyes. Here are our picks of the top five cable rides in the world that we think you should not miss if you are in the nearby surroundings!

1) Cable car ride at Zacatecas - Mexico

The city of Zacatecas in Mexico offers one of the most breathtaking cable car rides above the city. The cables cars in the area are called as teleferico and take visitors right above the plazas, maze of streets, elegant domes and rooftops before it dismounts you at Cerro de la Bufa, a mountain towards the east of the historic center of Zacatecas which rises to a height of 2,657 meters. Though the ride lasts for just a few minutes, it is quite a photographic ride.

2) Cable car ride at Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

For those planning to visit Brazil should not forget to take this picturesque ride from Urca Hill above the Guanabara Bay and finally to the peak of the Sugarloaf Mountain. While on the cable car ride; you can also get a glimpse of the popular statue, "Christ the Redeemer" on the Corcovado Mountain and a view of the city and the beaches.

3) Cable car ride at Merida - Venezuela

Rated as one of the tallest and longest cable car rides in the world, the cable ride lasts for almost an hour. Starting from a plateau on the Andes at about 10,250 feet the rides takes visitors to the top of the Mountain Pico Espejo. There are four stations along the ride where visitors are free to stop and appreciate the views of the Pico Bolivar.

4) Cable car ride at Genting Skyway - Malaysia

Holding two records to its credit, the cable car in Genting Skyway is known to be one of the fastest cable rides in the world and the longest in Southeast Asia. The ride starts from Gohtong Jaya (51Km from Kuala Lumpur) and takes visitors right up to the Genting Highlands Resort (2,027 meters above sea level). Once visitors disembark at the resort they can enjoy at the theme parks, shopping facilities and dine at some of the finest restaurants.

5) Cable car ride at Picos de Europa National Park - Spain

In North-West Spain is the Picos de Europa National Park. One of the best ways to view the beauty of this park is to take the cable ride that carries visitors above the valley to 1,840 meters. Once on the top, you can enjoy excellent views of the park from the viewpoint of Aliva and also explore the surroundings.

Another popular cable car ride is the Emirates Air Line cable car ride that runs over the River Thames in London, England. Introduced by the Doppelmayr Garaventa Group with sponsorship from Fly Emirates Airline, this cable car in London has become a popular attraction and is an excellent way to enjoy great views of London City.

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