Top 5 Places in Colombo for Take-Home Souvenirs & Gift Items

By Halal Trip | 18, Jan, 2017
Top 5 Places in Colombo for Take-Home Souvenirs & Gift Items
If you're wondering where to shop for souvenirs in Colombo, this article is for you. Thousands of tourists flock the beautiful island Sri Lanka every year, taking in the history up north, the beautiful beaches down south, the hills of the central province, and the culture, Halal food, and shopping in Colombo, the capital city of the country. There are plenty of things to buy and places to experience in Sri Lanka, but if you’re looking for souvenirs to take home, here’s where you can find the best souvenirs and gift items in Colombo of famous things in Sri Lanka.

1) Laksala

This is the only state-owned and one of the best gift and souvenir shops in Sri Lanka. There are 13 branches located all over the country and they offer the widest variety of authentic, traditional Sri Lankan souvenir items, from carefully selected and packaged tea and spices, to colorful ‘batik’ clothes, traditional Sri Lankan gems and jewelry, and an eclectic collection of art and craft as well. This is also one of the best places to buy handcraft items and souvenirs as well. If you wanted to by Sri Lankan souvenirs online, Laksala is also planning to open up an online portal soon. 


2) Lakmedura

If you’re looking to go gift shopping in Colombo, one of the best places to buy handcraft items and souvenirs is Lakmedura. You can find ideal souvenirs to bring back from Sri Lanka, such as a wide variety of Sri Lankan tea, traditional, as well as modernized versions of traditional Sri Lankan attire and accessories, as well as art, wood carvings and statues, all the famous things in Sri Lanka.


3) Paradise Road

Paradise road is another great place to buy souvenir and gift items in Colombo. A leading local design brand, it started as a small boutique and now has 5 retail outlets in total. You can find ideal souvenirs from Sri Lanka here, like antiques, clothes, homeware, tableware, furnishings, and locally designed and made handicrafts. These are some of the best gifts to bring back from Sri Lanka to give your friends and family. 



If you wanted to buy Sri Lankan souvenirs online, the best place to buy handicraft items and souvenirs would be at LUV SL by ODEL. This is a sub brand launched by the famous lifestyle and fashion retailer ODEL as a place for local products in a variety of categories like fashion, accessories and household items that would be the ideal gifts and souvenirs to take home from Sri Lanka. You can also visit their retail store when shopping in Colombo and Kandy.


5) Barefoot

“Barefoot is about good design and good design has to be magical” says their website. With product sourced almost entirely from women in small workshops in the rural areas of the country, Barefoot is a place to get Sri Lankan souvenir items that are close to nature, as their name suggests. This is one of the best places to buy handcraft items and souvenirs, as all their items are handstitched from hand-dyed and handwoven silk and cotton. They have some of the best things to buy in Sri Lanka, like homeware, furnishings, clothes, bags and much more. 

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