Top 6 Reasons to Visit Mauritius as a Muslim Traveler

By Halal Trip | 16, Jan, 2017
Top 6 Reasons to Visit Mauritius as a Muslim Traveler
Why visit Mauritius? Hidden away in the Southwestern region of the Indian Ocean is the little island of Mauritius which has become a prime tourist destination owing to the many appealing reasons behind why visit Mauritius. This little island is everything you hope and dream of in a tropical island and the top attractions in Mauritius will make you feel you are in paradise. Whether you are going on a Mauritius honeymoon or family vacation, the beauty and adventures you can experience in this island will keep you captivated all the way. Here are six of the best reasons for you to understand why go to Mauritius on holiday.  

1) Nature in Harmony with Human Civilization

Mauritius is truly a nature lover’s paradise. There are several wild life parks, nature reserves and botanical gardens which allow you to witness rare species of fauna and flora roam freely in their natural habitats. The ability to witness beautiful and rare marine life is another of the main reasons to visit Mauritius. 


2) Home to Stunning Sites

The climate in Mauritius is pleasant all year round. So no matter when you decide to take your vacation it would be the best time to travel to Mauritius. Leading among the top reasons to visit Mauritius is the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth which is truly a natural wonder. Apart from that the many lagoons, golden sandy Mauritius beaches, Grand Bassin (a lake formed in an extinct volcano crater), and the uninhabited island covered by coral reefs, Ile Aux Aigrettes, are definitely attractions not to be missed. 


3) Endless Fun-Filled Activities

While you travel to the many top attractions in Mauritius there are so many things you can enjoy other than sightseeing. The pristine quality beaches give you the opportunity to engage in fun filled water sports. Shopping in local markets are guaranteed to give you a healthy dose of retail therapy and will allow you to pick out some rare collectibles to take back home for your loved ones.  


4) Rich History & a Great Learning Opportunity

Another of the top reasons to visit Mauritius is that there is so much to learn about the great history behind this beautiful nation. There are numerous museums such as Eureka House and Blue Penny Museum and also the mighty castles opened to visitors which will create the most enriching experience. 


5) Splendid Local Festivals

Mauritius is a land which displays much diversity in terms of culture and religion. Local festivals provide you the great opportunity to witness how this diversity comes alive. You might want to check what festivities are happening during the time you wish to travel so that you can enjoy some seasonal treats and beautiful decorations which add more color to the island. 


6) A Muslim-Friendly Travel Destination

With nearly 18% of the population of Mauritius being Muslims, all your travel needs as a Muslim traveler such as finding eateries serving Halal food in Mauritius are also met. Furthermore there are several mosques in Mauritius situated all across the island. They are found in most of the major cities which you will be travelling to when visiting top attractions in Mauritius so you will be able to conduct your religious observances no matter what part of the island you are at.


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