5 of Alaska's Top Sights - Not Just a Winter Wilderness!

By Halal Trip | 29, Nov, 2016
5 of Alaska's Top Sights - Not Just a Winter Wilderness!

If you are planning to visit Alaska, your winter holidays will be a dream come true with the many things to do there. Here we look at Alaska travel tips, the top destinations in Alaska, and some of the must-do things in Alaska. In this manner you will be able to understand why Alaska is more than just a winter wilderness and it is actually one of the most coveted tourist hotspots in the world!


Important Facts About Alaska

When you are considering spending your holidays in Alaska, you will most certainly need to know the various things to do in Alaska. Apart from how you will spend your holiday, you would also need to focus on planning a trip to Alaska on a budget. Finding the best places to stay in Alaska is one such key requirement. 


Identified as the best city to visit in Alaska is Juneau, which is also the capital city of the state. You would be able to find top-notch hotels and resorts in the city for you to enjoy your stay and it is an added benefit as there are many Alaska tourist attractions located in close vicinity to the city, reducing your travel time. 


You might also want to pay extra attention to how cold is Alaska as the very cold temperatures - which is a norm for Alaska weather - could be a challenge when you travel to cold mountain ranges.  

Must-Visit Places in Alaska

Create your dream vacation by being a part of some of the most unique things to do in Alaska. Alaska points on interest are guaranteed to offer you experiences which will be unmatched in any other parts of the world. 

1) Anchorage

Alaska's most populated town  is also one of its top destinations that attracts counts of tourists with its many famous top sights. Top attractions in Achorage Alaska include Matanuska Glacier, Girdwood Mountain Town and the famous fishing town of Homer located nearby, giving ample opportunities for memorable sightseeing tours.


2) Alaska Northern Lights

Your bucket list of things to do in Alaska would not be complete without witnessing the mesmerizing Alaska northern lights. This stunning natural phenomenon is definitely one of Alaska's top attractions. The best time to visit Alaska's northern lights is from mid-September to late April.


3) Alaska Sealife Center 

Alaska’s premier public aquarium also ranking high on why you should visit Alaska. The center is a great place to visit to witness and interact with Alaska's marine-life – including seals, sea lions and numerous seabirds. Visitors may even touch smaller organisms such as sea stars and sea urchins at the aquarium's touch tank.


4) Kenai Fjords National Park

Located in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, Kenai Fjords National Park is home to one of the largest ice fields in the country - the Harding Icefield. The relatively small and accessible park is a popular tourist destination that is also home to a vast variety of wildlife such as bears, whales, seals and moose.


5) Denali National Park

Denali National Park and Preserve is one of the largest national parks in the United States that is also home to the highest mountain in the country - Mount Denali. This is a must-visit attraction in Alaska that has gained popularity over the years.


Special Requirements for the Muslim Traveler

Due to the sizable amount of Muslims in Alaska, you would find that there are a few mosques in Alaska located in major cities such as Anchorage. There are also quite a few Halal restaurants that serve Halal food in Alaska. If you are interested in whipping up your own meals you can gather Halal food items from Alaska Halal Grocery located in the Anchorage International Airport, or you could treat your taste buds to Halal food from leading eateries such as Capri Pizza and Safari Restaurant. 


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