Top 10 Family Friendly Places to Travel in 2022

By Bella Arti | 21, Dec, 2021
Top 10 Family Friendly Places to Travel in 2022

With the pandemic situation that has happened over these past two years, without doubt, there must be a time when your thoughts arise saying that you need a vacation with your family. Well, let me reassure you that those thoughts are correct. You and your family deserve a vacation. It is a great occasion to get relaxed and release all the tension together. For those reasons, a family vacation is the best way to improve the relationships between each member through quality time. It can be somewhere cold or sunny.

Right now, it is the best time to plan out your whole 2022 family holiday itineraries that can be started by choosing a perfect place to visit by also taking into account its safety, Muslim friendliness, and child-friendliness. Let’s cut the small talk and get down to the business. Here are the top 10 family-friendly destinations in 2022.

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1. Bali, Indonesia
Bali Indonesia

Image Credit: Geio Tischler on Unsplash

This tropical island in Indonesia is one of the most family-friendly travel destinations we recommend. Has been known for being a budget-friendly destination, child-friendly attractions and activities are also easy to find in Bali. There is an array of attraction types in Bali that can be found, from natural to cultural. Other than its beaches, try visiting Bali Treetop Adventure, Waterboom Bali, and the Devdan Show.

Although Bali is predominantly habited by Hindus, being a part of Indonesia, this island is Muslim-friendly. Therefore, Halal and Halal-certified food, accommodation, and mosques are easy to find in Bali.

Check regularly to stay updated on Indonesian travel policy.


2. The Maldives
The Maldives

Image Credit: jcob nasyr on Unsplash

Imagine having a relaxing stay somewhere over the ocean waters. The Maldives will be the first that pops into your mind. Hence, why not put the Maldives as your 2022 travel destination bucket list?

Although known to be a romantic tropical paradise, Maldives is surprisingly child-friendly. You can have a family vacation in this Muslim country and some quality time.

Other than Malé Island, you can try to visit Niyama Private Islands. This luxurious family-friendly island serves Halal and vegetarian or vegan food. There are plenty of mosques in the country, especially in Malé.

Visit to get an update on Maldives’ travel policy.


3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai United Arab Emirates UAE

Image Credit: Wael Hneini on Unsplash

Does thinking about a perfect Muslim family holiday destination give you a headache? Dubai is a cure to it. This lush destination is where you should go when you are seeking a place with warmer weather where varieties of Halal food and exciting family activities are available. Whether it is visiting Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo or riding a camel out in the desert, it can never go wrong in Dubai.

Traveling to Dubai is now permitted with certain conditions which you can see here to stay updated.


4. Hong Kong
Hong Kong HK

Image Credit: Andres Garcia on Unsplash

Have you ever thought of visiting Disneyland with your family? 2020 might be the time to surprise them with a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a good choice for a family vacation since there are a lot of child-friendly activities to do other than visiting Disneyland, such as riding Star Ferry or bi-cable gondola lift at Ngong Ping 360.

Hong Kong Muslim communities have been growing. Therefore, Halal food and mosques become easier to find. One of the biggest mosques is located in Kowloon. There are over 60 Halal restaurants in Hong Kong that you and your family can visit.

Take a peek at to stay updated about Hong Kong travel policy.


5. Langkawi, Malaysia
Langkawi Malaysia

Image Credit: Manish Tulaskar on Unsplash

How about visiting somewhere sunny in 2022 like Langkawi Island? There is an array of family-friendly activities that you can do in Langkawi. On this tropical island, you can try different types of attractions that are family-friendly, exciting to educational, such as riding a cable car over Langkawi's jungles or visiting Langkawi Wildlife Park for its exotic flora and fauna. As a Muslim majority nation, finding Halal food and accommodation is not a problem in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Stay updated on Malaysian travel policy here


6. Singapore
Singapore Merlion SG

Image Credit: Jisun Han on Unsplash

In this melting pot of Southeast Asia, there is plenty of attractions and Halal food from various countries. Has been ranked for five consecutive years as the top Muslim-friendly destination among non-OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) countries, Singapore offers Halal travel experiences for your family. These include child-friendly attractions such as Universal Studios and S.E.A. Aquarium in Sentosa.

Finding Halal food is also sweatless in Singapore. Various restaurants are Halal-certified. Click here to get more information about Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore.

Visit to be informed about Singapore's travel policy.


7. Alanya, Turkey
Alanya Turkey

Image Credit: Dragana Novoselska on Unsplash

Turkey is a destination that halal-conscious travelers should consider visiting. One of the most recommended cities that is family-friendly is Alanya. This beach resort city that is located on the southern coast of Turkey serves many activities to do with your kids, such as Kleopatra Beach, Alanya Teleferik, and Dim Cave. Dine-in at Oztat Kebap that serves Halal Turkish cuisines with your family. Other than for its food, there is a landmark in Alanya city that you should try to visit with your family which is Kazim Bulut Mosque.

Make sure to check to get the most recent information about Turkey's travel policy.


8. Phuket, Thailand
Phuket Thailand

Image Credit: Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

Having a large population of Muslims, Phuket offers unforgettable Halal experiences for you and your family. Other than its stunning beaches, there is an array of fun activities for kids in Phuket, such as Surf House Phuket, Dino Park Mini Golf, and Flying Hanuman Phuket. From authentic Thai food to the Mediterranean, Halal food is relatively easy to find in Phuket. Finding mosques here is even easier, there are a total of 54 mosques in Phuket itself. Therefore, why not put this lovely place called Phuket on your 2022 family holiday bucket list?

Check to know about Thailand's travel policy due to COVID-19.


9. Marrakech, Morocco
Marrakech Morocco Marrakesh

Image Credit: Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

Bring your family to see the beauty of this Rose City of Morocco, Marrakech. Filled with religious sites and Muslim heritage, other than its famous Souks, you can go to visit the beautiful Koutoubia Mosque or enjoy camel riding with your kids. Spoil your tongue with various choices of Moroccan authentic cuisines in Marrakech that are Halal. Spend some quality time by sampling their delicacies such as tagine, couscous, chicken pastilla, and many other mouth-watering authentic cuisines.

Stay informed on Morocco travel regulations here


10. Seoul, South Korea
Seoul South Korea

Image Credit: Yu Kato on Unsplash

Korea has recently become more aware of the potential of Halal tourists. Therefore the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) encourages tourist attractions to make Korea a Muslim-friendly destination. From Muslim-friendly restaurant categories, Halal Restaurant Week Korea, to the provision of prayer rooms for Muslims is encouraged by KTO. Seoul has the biggest mosque in South Korea namely Seoul Central Mosque. For those reasons, we include Seoul as the best Muslim-friendly city in South Korea.

Family-friendly activities that are best to do with your kids in Seoul are Lotte World Amusement Park, Seoul Children’s Museum, and Running Man. Do you wonder how South Korean authentic dishes taste like but are afraid of the Halal status? Try visiting Manis Kitchen and Halal Kitchen Korea that are Muslim-owned.

Keep informed on South Korea travel policy here


Final Thoughts

Those are the top 10 list of recommended Halal family vacation destinations from HalalTrip. So far, which place do you think is perfect to be visited in 2022? Discuss this article with your family and make sure to pay attention to your family and your safety when traveling together during this COVID-19 pandemic. Stay healthy and stay tuned for HalalTrip podcasts and articles updates on Halal travel!

Bella enjoys sipping on hot soy latte while writing. Through Halaltrip, she communicates her love for travelling.

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