Top 7 Food Trends of 2023 Recap

By Deidre Casandra M. | 26, Dec, 2023
Top 7 Food Trends of 2023 Recap

In gastronomy, each year brings culinary stars that captivate taste buds and ignite conversations. 2023 was no different. Here, we introduce seven viral food trends that took the world by storm, enticing food enthusiasts and sparking curiosity. Let's delve into these tempting treats that redefined snacking habits and culinary norms globally.

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1. Kek Tapak Kuda by Auntie Tapak Kuda

Malaysia witnessed a dessert sensation with Kek Tapak Kuda by Auni Tapak Kuda. This treat gained its viral status thanks to its thick and indulgent filling, especially the beloved matcha variant that delighted crunchy treat enthusiasts. Auntie Tapak Kuda's dedication to quality ensured a consistently sold-out status, capturing hearts and taste buds across Malaysia, with its adherence to Halal standards as a key highlight. 

Watch Kek Tapak Kuda Video by @alisyafashihah via TikTok.


2. Fruit Roll-Ups Ice Creamfruit rollup

Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

A whimsical delight, the Fruit Roll-ups Ice Cream became a viral sensation due to its unique texture and simplicity. Pairing fruit roll-ups with ice cream created a crunchy, chewy snack that charmed taste testers globally. However, some fruit rollup variations may contain non-Halal ingredients. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully check the ingredients before indulging in one.

Watch Fruit Rollup Ice Cream Video by @lookcatchu via TikTok.


3. BTS Jungkook Noodle

Jungkook, the K-pop sensation, sparked a culinary frenzy with his viral noodle recipe in Korea. Ingredients needed to cook this viral noodle are buckwheat, perilla oil, cham sauce, bulk mayo, egg yolk, and seasoning. While his original ingredients may pose Halal challenges, savvy cooks can swap perilla oil for olive oil and recreate cham sauce with soy sauce and sugar. For an optimal taste experience, chill the noodles before dressing them in these flavorful alternatives. Embrace the Halal twist on Jungkook's creation and savor the symphony of tastes!

Watch BTS Jungkook Noodle Video by @sunnydahye_ via TikTok.


4. Apple Donutapple donut

Image Credit: Nikolai Chernichenko on Unsplash

#Appledonutviral flooded TikTok with over 129.1M views, introducing a healthier spin on the traditional donut. An apple sliced into a donut shape, coated in chocolate sauce and nuts, stirred controversy over its healthiness of the dessert. While it is a healthier option, ensure the ingredients align with Halal standards when preparing your own.

Watch Apple Donut Video by @Ongsquad via TikTok.


5. Martabak Manis

With a billion views on TikTok, Martabak Manis, a sweet, thick pancake from Indonesia, has enchanted audiences worldwide. Filled with chocolates, nuts, and butter, this delicacy, rooted in Arabian influence due to Arab trader visitors long ago to Indonesia, demands scrutiny for Halal compliance before consumption.

Watch Martabak Manis Video by via TikTok.


6. Lemon Popcorn

The unexpected taste of lemon-flavored popcorn disrupted snacking norms, going viral for its tangy twist. It all started when a girl from TikTok shared her experience tasting popcorn with lemon flavor from a store and wanted to create her own version. It went viral because people didn't expect that popcorn would go well with lemon. You can try crafting your own at home with lemon, salt, and kernels, while being rest-assured to savor them as the Halal-friendly snack comes with simple ingredients.

Watch Lemon Popcorn Video by @leels_ via TikTok.


7. Mason Jar Meal Prepmason jar meal prep

Image Credit: Correen on Unsplash

Offering convenience in a jar, this meal prep trend eased noodle soup prep, perfect for the time-pressed. All you need to do is gather your noodle ingredients, such as mee hoon, vegetables like carrot, celery, onions, and some meat, stack them in a jar, and put them in the fridge. Whenever you need it, pour hot water, and it will be ready to eat. The simple yet Halal ingredients for homemade versions ensures a convenient, Halal-friendly meal for busy days.

Watch Mason Jar Meal Prep Video by @nutritionbykylie via TikTok.


2023's viral food trends transcended boundaries, reshaping tastes and preferences worldwide. While these culinary marvels tantalized palates, it's crucial to consider ingredient choices carefully, especially in Halal contexts. We hope these trends satisfy your cravings and align with your dietary preferences, ensuring a delightful and Halal culinary journey.


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