5 Muslim-Friendly Cities in the USA

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 07, Jan, 2022

Religion in the US is very diverse. Although most Americans identify as Christians, other religions are also very present in the US.

Islam is one of the rising religions in America, especially among African Americans; about half of Muslim African Americans are convertees who accepted the faith later in their lives.

So, what are the top Muslim-friendly cities in America where you can get to know more about Islamic American culture?

Here are 5 Muslim-friendly cities/areas with some of the biggest/active communities in the USA.

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The New York / New Jersey area
Brooklyn New York USA

Image Credit: David Groves on Unsplash

Most of the Muslims in the United States live in the states of New York and New Jersey.

Greater New York City is home to 275 mosques, which is the biggest conglomeration of mosques in the US.

You can find traces of Islamic culture all over the boroughs of New York, namely Brooklyn and Bronx. Paterson, New Jersey, is also one of the significant hubs for Muslims, especially Turkish and Bangladeshi immigrants.

List of Mosques in New York


Los Angeles / San Fransisco (California)
Los Angeles California USA

Image Credit: Sterling Davis on Unsplash

California, namely Los Angeles and San Fransisco, is also a big hub of the American Muslim community.

There's no shortage of Halal food, Islamic centers, and mosques in the area where the local Muslim community gather around and share their values.

African Americans make up a big chunk of the Muslim community in LA, following the steps of great African American heroes like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Dave Chapelle, and Malcolm X.

List of Mosques in Los Angeles

List of Mosques in San Francisco


Chicago (Illinois)
Chicago downtown USA

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According to the Washington Post, "Chicago is Ground ZERO in US Muslim Renaissance."

The Muslim community of Chicago is one of the most active religious groups in the city. Their faith in God pushes the Muslim community of Chicago, especially the member of IMAN (Chicago's Inner-City Muslim Action Network), to extend their community services to non-Muslim communities too.

List of Mosques in Chicago


Houston / Dallas (Texas)
Texas flag USA

Image Credit: Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

While the state of Texas is predominantly conservative Christian (about 87%), it's actually one of the best regions in the US where a Muslim can live peacefully.

Houston and Dallas are among the best cities for Muslims in the US for a peaceful life. The number of Muslims and people who convert to Islam in Texas is rising quite significantly.

Again, there's no shortage of Muslim facilities (mosques, halal eateries, and madrassas) in Houston and Dallas.

List of Mosques in Houston

List of Mosques in Dallas


Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
Benjamin Franklin Bridge Philadelphia USA

Image Credit: Devon Wellesley on Unsplash

With lots of immigrants from the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India settling in the East Side, Islam has seen a huge growth in the vicinity of Philadelphia.

Large concentrations of the Muslim community live in the Northeast and North parts of Philly (as the Americans call the city). Center City, West Philadelphia, and the nearby suburbs are also homes to many Muslims.

The Muslim African American community in Philly is also growing quite substantially over the last two decades.

According to some statistics, Philadelphia is one of the American metropolitan areas with the highest proportion of Muslims.

List of Mosques in Philadelphia


Bottom line

The Muslim community is spread all over the world. One has just to look for Muslim brethren, and Allah SWT will guide them towards where they are.

It's always delightful to get to know about the different lifestyles of Muslims from all over the world and compare the similarities and differences.

One of the best ways to connect with Muslims worldwide is by attending prayer in mosques and eating at nearby halal restaurants.

HalalTrip has all the travel essentials as a Muslim covered for you. All you need to do is download the HalalTrip app to get easy access to nearby halal restaurants, nearby mosques, duas for travelers, and some extra features and services.

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