The 7 Top Halal-Friendly Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

By Walied Ali | 14, Dec, 2017
The 7 Top Halal-Friendly Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand
For every Muslim traveler traveling to a Non-Muslim country, certain things can be troublesome. One of those things is finding the right food and by right food, I mean 'Halal food'. Thankfully for those visiting Bangkok, this isn't a big issue since you will find plenty of Halal food restaurants around the city. Bangkok is the prime destination for travelers from nearby Muslim-majority countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Locating a Halal food restaurant is easy, usually, the restaurants have the word 'Halal' written on their logo, so if you see one you know where to go. Here are 7 restaurants that I think everyone traveling to Bangkok should check out:

1. Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant

Located in Bangrak district, just opposite the French Embassy, Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant is a family restaurant that offers a variety of dishes such as Chicken Biryani, Tom Yum soup, and many interesting Thai dishes. There's another positive to dining in at this place, there's a mosque nearby, so, if you're late for prayers you won't have to worry about finding a mosque.

2. The Muslim Restaurant

the muslim restaurant

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You can find this restaurant at the Charoen Krung road near its junction with Silom road. You can find food made in Isaan (Thailand's North-Eastern region) fashion here. The restaurant also offers a number of Pakistani and Indian dishes to its customers. The food is believed to be so good that according to visitors they sometimes run out of food so if you're planning to visit, try to be there on time.

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3. Sophia Restaurant

You can find it at the Ramkhamhaeng alley, it offers options for Halal fast food including Burgers. Furthermore, for those coming from Malaysia and Singapore, the good news is that you can communicate with the staff in the Malay language. However, the most liked thing about this place is its cozy interior.

4. Punjab Grill

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This restaurant can be found in Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit hotel. As you would've guessed from its name, Punjab Grill specializes in making dishes that are native to the Punjab region of South Asia (India & Pakistan). The restaurant offers musical shows six nights a week where a number of renowned Indian singers are known to perform.

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5. Beirut Restaurant

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Found in Sukhumvit Soi 39, Phrom Chit alley, Beirut Restaurant specializes in crafting delicious Lebanese food. The price might look a bit unjust but believe me the food makes it worth it. Moreover, the restaurant also offers mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. Finding the restaurant could be a challenge for some as it is hidden in the back streets of Bangkok.

6. The Great Kabab Factory

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The Great Kabab Factory is located in the Majestic Grande Hotel building at 12 Sukhumwit road and can be accessed from both Nana and Phloen Chit station of the BTS Sukhumwit line you would have to walk for a few minutes though. The restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 11 at night. It mainly serves Indian-styled food including Kebabs and curries. The restaurant offers a buffet in a unique way, you don't have to get up, instead, the food will be served at your table.

7. Bangkok River city cruise

Unlike any conventional restaurant, The Bangkok River City cruise offers visitors a chance to see the beauty of Bangkok while munching their favourite food. You can find numerous companies that offer these services in the River City. the food is not always Halal but you can inform the company so that they may prepare halal food for you. The cruise runs along the Chao Phraya River. During the journey, you can witness the sparkling skyline of Bangkok and see important cultural and national landmarks such as the King's Palace and several golden temples.
Finding Halal food is not that difficult in Bangkok, apart from the above-mentioned restaurants you can find small side shops, local diners, and food stalls that serve Halal food, remember all these places will have 'Halal' mentioned in their logo otherwise there would be a Kalma written in Arabic.

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