Top 10 Muslim TikTokers of 2021

By Nurul Izzah Saifuddin | 16, Dec, 2021
Top 10 Muslim TikTokers of 2021

Without a doubt, TikTok is one of the hottest apps on the market due to many reasons like the ease of content creation, the plethora of unique content you can find on the app, to the speed of your content going viral.

There are many Tik-Tokers who are well known now thanks to TikTok! However, have you heard of these Top 10 Muslim Tik-Tokers? If you haven't, we have compiled a list - in no particular order - for you to check out right now!

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1. Dr Suraya Z.A. | @drsuraya
Dr Suraya Z.A.@drsuraya

Image Credit: on Instagram

After watching various medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy, Good Doctor Etc. Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a surgeon in an operating theatre? Well, wonder no more because Dr. Suraya has got it all covered for you.

Dr. Suraya is an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Her TikTok majorly covers behind the scenes of her surgical process all directly from the operating room! Watch how a bone cement is made or find out how the life of a Singaporean surgeon is like on Dr. Suraya's TikTok!

Did you know? We also invited Dr. Suraya to The Halal Travel Podcast where she gave us even more insights on what she does!

Catch the episode here:

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2. Amira | @asingaporeanabroad
Amira @asingaporeanabroad

Image credit: A Singaporean Abroad website

Want to feel inspired to explore the world? Check out Amira's TikTok as she shares the Muslim narrative through food and travel!

In 2017, Amira started a travel and lifestyle blog, dedicated to the Modern Muslim Traveller, called A Singaporean Abroad where she shares her recommendations, guides and many contents to inspire Muslims to travel the world. Amira is now a full-time cabin crew and her TikTok covers a lot about things you can do in and outside of Singapore.

If you are looking for marketing tips and tricks on how to grow your brand presence on TikTok, Amira also has a separate dedicated account for it @mirahmedia.

Watch how the life of a Singaporean Cabin Crew is like and more with Amira's TikTok!

Did you know? We also invited Amira to The Halal Travel Podcast where she shares her ghostly encounter in Japan!

Catch the episode here:

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3. Sereen |@sereensounds
Sereen @sereensounds

Image Credits: @sereensounds on Instagram

If you are passionate about music or just simply a music lover, you have to check out Sereen's TikTok!

Sereen is a passionate musician living in Sydney and her passion for music production grew in 2012 where she self-taught herself everything about music. Her passion for music started when she was just nine years old and now, she has begun her career on TikTok - where she creates remixes.

Sereen has also released two singles "west" and "If You Show Me Love" which are available on Spotify.

She also aspires to be a filmmaker and screenwriter and is committed to eradicating stereotypes as much as possible. She also released an inspiring Muslim short film called "Towel Head"

Watch how Sereen creates her cool remixes and more through her TikTok!

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4. Rifah Tasnim | @mynameisrifah
Rifah Tasnim @mynameisrifah

Image Credits: @makeupbyrifah on Instagram

Find more tips and tricks for your makeup and skincare? Rifah has got you covered!

Rifah Tasnim is a Cosmetic Chemist and Makeup Artist in the UK. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, and skincare. Did you know? during her placement with West Barn Co., she assisted in creating the "Soap Brows" - a product to help people style their eyebrows - which broke the internet, becoming a favorite to many including big stars like Beyoncé and Little Mix!

You can also book makeup appointments with Rifah if you are in the North East of the UK and looking for a makeup artist.

Find out what is best for your skin or how to better improve your makeup skills through Rifah's TikTok.

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5. HalalTrip | @HalalTrip
HalalTrip Tiktok

Are you planning a trip or looking for new locations to explore? Check out HalalTrip's TikTok where we take you through finding Halal restaurants, cuisines, sights and reconnect you to your faith.

Although HalalTrip's TikTok is a relatively young account, it is packed with all the information you need, from hijab tutorials to duas to recipes, we got it all covered for you! Get inspired by other Muslims and catch snippets from The Halal Travel Podcast on HalalTrip's TikTok - which you definitely don't want to miss out on!

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6. Will & Sana Saleh | @salehfamily
Will & Sana Saleh @salehfamily

Image Credit: @salehfamilyofficial on Instagram

Learn more about the Muslim community and our faiths through the Saleh family!

Will and Sana Saleh are an interracial couple on TikTok who decided to join the community in February 2020, after being laid off at the start of the pandemic. Since then, their account has reached more than one million followers! The Salehs are utilizing their platform to share their story and educate the rest of the globe about their faith in a lighthearted and entertaining manner.

After taking the internet by storm with their videos, they decided to venture by starting their own hijab business called "Lala Hijabs" - where they bring colorful and vibrant hijabs to the market.

Check out the Salehs' inspiring stories and learn more about the Muslim community through their TikTok!

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7. Khairul Aming | @khairulaming
Khairul Aming @khairulaming

Image Credit: @khairulaming on Instagram

Looking for recipes to cook up a nice meal for your guests, family, or even yourself? Check out Khairul Aming's TikTok videos!

Khairul Aming is a Malaysian influencer foodie home chef with plenty of creative recipe ideas which you definitely have to try! He is also well known for his segment on his social media called "30 Hari 30 Resepi" (30 Days 30 Recipes) - where he will post a unique recipe every day during the 30 days of Ramadan.

Therefore if you are looking to spice things up in your kitchen, check out Khairul Aming's TikTok!

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8. Munera | @iconiccpinkk
Munera @iconiccpinkk

Image Credit: on Instagram

Have a great laugh with Munera (middle) and her sisters as they create humorous TikTok content - from sister pranks to mini vlogs to creatively showing the different benefits of hijab and just randomly hilarious content which will definitely put a smile on your face!

Breaking boundaries recently, Munera and her sisters came up with their own cartoon series called "The Iconics" which is currently only available on their TikTok and Instagram. The cute and comedic cartoon series garnered a lot of support as many of their fans felt that there should be more hijab representations in cartoons.

Munera @iconiccpinkk

Image Credit: on Instagram

Catch "The Iconics" and much more entertaining content on Munera's TikTok!

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9. Bilal Qazi | @alqazi
Bilal Qazi @alqazi

Image Credit: @alqazi21 on Instagram

Although TikTok may be a platform mainly for entertainment, there are many Muslim Tik-Tokers on the platform who are also spreading their knowledge about Islam and helping inspire other Muslims spiritually.

Bilal Qazi is a young Muslim Tik-Toker who has dedicated his TikTok page to giving advice and reminders to the Muslim community on how we can better practice our faith and improve ourselves as Muslims.

If you are looking for advice to better practice your faith, check out Bilal Qazi's TikTok!

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10. Mariam | @mxriyum
Mariam | @mxriyum

Image Credit: @mxriyum on Instagram

Are you feeling hungry but looking for something completely different and unique to eat? Check out Mariam's TikTok for her interesting and creative recipes!

Mariam is a young influencer who has a passion for cooking/baking. She is well-known for turning food into delicious art. On her TikTok, she shares a plethora of recipes from different cuisines all around the world. She even takes recipes and turns them into Halal versions of it. For instance, she made a Halal version of Gigi Hadid's Vodka Pasta recipe!

Mariam @mxriyum

Image Credit: @mxriyum on Instagram

Everything Mariam cooks surely is made with a lot of love and if you would like to impress your loved ones, you should definitely give her amazing recipes a shot!

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If you love scrolling through your For You Page on TikTok while looking out for new and unique content, don't forget to check out these Top 10 Muslim Tik-Tokers for tips/tricks, entertainment, inspiration, and more!

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