8 Great Reasons Why You Need to Travel to Cuba

By Halal Trip | 02, Dec, 2016
8 Great Reasons Why You Need to Travel to Cuba

Why travel to Cuba? As a tourist looking for a great place to spend your vacation you might have had this thought. There are numerous fantastic reasons to visit Cuba, with many things to do and see along your way. To help you justify your need to travel to this beautiful country, here are some top destinations and fun things to do in Cuba listed by HalalTrip.


1) Cuba's Vibrant Capital City – Havana!

the city of havana, cuba

Image Credit: Spencer Everett on Unsplash  

Havana, Cuba, comes off right at the top of why you need to travel to Cuba. Being the capital city of the country, it has gained recognition as one of the top reasons to go to Cuba due to the wide range of things to see and do within the city. Although there are less mosques in Cuba, Old Havana has a mosque located close to the Islamic museum which is maintained by the Muslims in Cuba.


2) Enjoy the Scenery of Baracoa

This relaxed town located in the South East Coast of the country is a great place where you can enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes and learn much about the Cuban culture.


3) Delve into the History of Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

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Santiago de Cuba is the ultimate must-visit places in Cuba as it will help you learn much about the history behind this great country. 


4) A Quiet Visit to Camaguey

The third largest city of Cuba is another great reason for why visit Cuba. As it is not much congested as other parts of the country, it gives you room to enjoy quiet strolls through the Argentinian city decorated with unique displays of art.


5) Trinidad – A UNESCO World Heritage Site!

trinidad, the unesco world heritage site

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Also one of the top attractions in Cuba which gives you the true exotic feeling of being in this famous country. Located in central Cuba, Trinidad is one of the country's best-preserved cities and thus has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


6) Exotic Cuban Cuisine

Cuban cuisine is quite popular around the world. Though Cuban Halal food may be hard to come across as a Muslim traveler, there are a few spots that travelers can try to enjoy Halal food in Cuba. 


7) Travel in True Cuban Style

travelling in cuban style

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A major part of experiencing the true feeling of being in the country is to use means of public transportation which will allow you to witness the country in its natural day to day style.


8) Go Hiking!

The ultimate thrill for the adventure enthusiast would be achieved by a hiking adventure like to the highest point on the island, Pico Turquino.


The above list gives you enough and more reasons why travel to Cuba. While you visit these locations you will find that the thrills and excitement get amplified by the many things to do which you can experience only when you travel to Cuba. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.


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