5 Bangkok Souvenirs You Must Bring Home

By Halal Trip | 25, Jul, 2017
5 Bangkok Souvenirs You Must Bring Home
When you travel to an amazing destination like Bangkok, you would definitely want to know what would be the top souvenirs from Bangkok you can take back home with you. Gifts for your family, friends, and don't forget, yourself! We have put together a list of great options of what to buy in Bangkok and some of the perfect gift ideas from Bangkok.
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1) Thai Silk Products

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The Thai silk products you find in Bangkok are some of the best quality silk material you can find in the entire world. Therefore they are one of the top souvenirs from Bangkok that you could purchase for yourself or your loved ones. The rich silk fibers obtained from silkworms are used to create a range of colorful products including scarves, ties, bags, cushion covers and so much more. A great recommendation to look for the best quality options would be from Jim Thompson outlets. They even have an outlet in the airport for you to do some last minute souvenir-shopping before you fly back home.

2) Spa Products

Bangkok's spa products truly make some of the best gifts that you can take home. Using unique combinations of essential oils and other natural products, you can find a whole range of product including bath oils, fragrant soaps coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, body scrubs and scented candles. Most of them also offer great health and beauty benefits. These products are often available as single units or attractive gift packs that are ideal to pamper and soother the mind and body. Bring some home for you to reminisce on your holiday in Bangkok.

3) Jewelry

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Bangkok is a great place where you can pick up high quality jewelry, especially silver jewelry at good prices. Also since they are quite small in size, you would not need to worry too much about running out of space in your baggage. You should look out for a range of top quality hill tribe silver pieces carefully handcrafted by tribes in Northern Thailand. Trust us, the designs are jaw-dropping beautiful and you can choose from a range of necklace, bracelet and rings. Tip: when you are purchasing silver items, look for a stamp that denotes the type of silver. For example, a '925' stamp means that it's sterling silver jewelry  that is made of 92.5% silver.

4) Spices

While you are in Bangkok, you would surely have a taste of their exotic Thai cuisine. The spices used in preparation of these dishes are actually the main ingredients that give them their own authentic, unique flavor. If you are thinking of what to buy in Bangkok to remind you of one of the best things you enjoyed during your stay, taking home some tasty Thai spices is a great idea. Since these are popular souvenirs visitors take back home, they come in vacuum packs and air tight containers for easy transport.

5) Home Décor

To end this list, we'd recommend you to bring some of Bangkok's vibrant colors into your home with some home decor. There are so many things ranging from antiques to wood carvings that will breathe new life into your home. They also make great gift ideas that anyone would love to receive - picture frames, table lamps, handmade vases and ceramic plates among many others. Some of the best places you can shop for such products include Chatuchak Market, Chinatown and Silo Village.
When you head to Bangkok next time, don't forget to buy these amazing 5 souvenirs for your family, friends and of course, yourself!

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