Top Travel Destinations for Ramadhan 2015

By Halal Trip | 24, Jun, 2015
Top Travel Destinations for Ramadhan 2015
Travelling during Ramadhan can be a unique experience. An increasing number of Muslims around the world are choosing to travel during this annual month of fasting to feel the essence of Ramadhan around the world. For those who would like to experience Ramadhan in a unique way, we have listed few of the best travel destinations for Ramadhan 2015. Read on for more information. Ramadhan 2015 started in mid-June – which has always been a traditionally busy time for travel.  Certain destinations make better travel destinations than others during Ramadhan – with better facilities and an excellent atmosphere in general.  

1) Malaysia

 Ranked 1st on Global Muslim Travel Index's list of top Muslim-friendly destinations for 2015, Malaysia is one of the best destinations to visit during Ramadhan. Religious events in Malaysia are joyous and much anticipated occasions, celebrated throughout the country. Travellers will be able to note special bazaars  and Ramadhan markets that open as early as 4:00 p.m. and close just after Maghrib prayers at 8:00 p.m. Some of Malaysia's most popular Ramadhan bazaars include Bukit Bintang Ramadhan bazaar, Taman Tun Dr Ismail Ramadhan bazaar - one of the biggest markets in the area, and Section 17 bazaar - located right opposite Jaya.  

2) Turkey

Ramadhan in Turkey will be a unique experience. As the sun sets, a festive mood takes over the streets of Turkey – with special Ifthar menus available at nealry every restaurant in the neighbourhood. Travellers may also be able to notice queues forming outside certain restaurants that give away food to the less wealthy in an act of empathy and compassion. Another Ramadhan custom in Turkey is the use of drum rolls prior to dawn prayers. Drummer boys make their way across the streets during the early hours of the morning, waking everyone up for Sahor.  

3) UAE

Visiting the United Arab Emirates lets travellers experience the Holy Month of Ramadan through a range of numerous cultural, community and family-oriented events. Travellers could visit the 14th Ramadhan Forum held from the June 24 to 4 July at the Dubai World Trade Centre and other locations – for daily multilingual lectures by well-known preachers. A special Ramadan Night Market is also held at Shaikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre – a 10 day shopping event with a wide range of items from numerous retailers. Events are also held across malls in Dubai, letting visitors feel the true spirit of Ramadhan in UAE.   Other excellent travel destinations for Ramadhan include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Oman, Jordan and Morocco. Travelling during Ramadhan can be a delightful experience. Travellers will be able to sample the culture and customs of Ramadhan in places around the world!    

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