If You Don't Have These Items Ready, You Can't Travel!

By Suhanah Khamis | 02, Jul, 2019
If You Don't Have These Items Ready, You Can't Travel!

We all enjoy traveling but one thing we all dread is packing! Hands down, packing can be stressful! I used to pack literally my whole room because I felt like every single thing is a necessity. Now I've learned how to pack lightly, bringing only the essentials and trust me, it helps a lot!

It'll help you save a lot of time while packing and not to mention, a few dollars on a budget airlines too! Proper planning and deeming your trip as a non-splurging trip will help you to keep your list short. So let's narrow down to the essential things that need to be in everyone's luggage bag!


1. Power Bank

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Never ever leave the house without a power bank. This is already an essential in my daily life, what more during traveling. As someone who is highly dependent on a smartphone, I wouldn't want to be left hanging without directions or capturing any moment. It can also be a lifesaver during long flights that have no charging port.


2. Travel Adapter

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Research is a must on the country that you will be visiting as their power socket outlet may be different than your home country. You wouldn't want to end up worrying and struggling in finding an adapter in a foreign country. Multiple sockets adapter is ideal if you have more than one gadget to charge.


3. Medication

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No one wants to fall sick during a trip. So remember to pack some medication! You will never know when it might come in handy. Language barrier can be a challenge to get your medication correctly in a foreign country. Therefore, it's better to be safe than sorry. As I personally don't have a specific medication prescribed, paracetamol is a go-to for me.


4. Clothes - But the right ones!

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How many pieces of clothing is enough for a trip? For long trips, I would pack only 3 sets of clothing. That should be enough to last me the whole trip. The trick is to source for a hotel with a laundry facility. If you think it is unfashionable to wear the same attire for three days out of the whole trip, you should try packing clothes where you can mismatch them! Remember, packing fewer clothes means more space in your luggage. Think about the souvenirs you can bring home!

Climate and weather in the country you are visiting may be a factor in choosing your garments too. If you are visiting a colder country, you will definitely need to pack your thick jackets. In such cases, I will stuff my thick clothing into a vacuum packed bag. It does leave a little space for you to fit something else in your luggage.


5. Pen

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It doesn't hurt to always carry around a pen with you. Whip out your pen in the plane and start filling in the clearance forms. Save plenty of time at the immigration from writing down. You might not know if immigration even has a pen.


6. Toothbrush / Toothpaste

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Of all the toiletries that you shouldn't leave without, toothbrush and toothpaste are the most important! I have learned from all my past trips that you need to pack them in your luggage. Let me remind you that not all accommodation provides them. It is also essential for those with long flights as you may feel the need to wash up.

7. Moisturizer

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Forget about soap and shampoo because you can definitely find them in hotels. Moisturizer is essential if you are traveling as climate change might affect the dryness of your skin. Peeling skins and redness can be painful. Lip balm should also be included in your packing list. Cracked lips are definitely painful and unappealing. Don't let them hinder you from enjoying your whole trip!


8. Tiny food items

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This includes cup noodles, canned food or snacks like energy bars. You might think this is redundant but let me share about this. Let's be real. When we travel, we would want to save more. Most of the time, we would want to set aside more cash for activities or some shopping. I usually make a deal to myself that I am only eating out once in a day. Some countries might have limited choices for Halal food. Even if there is, it might cost you two meals back in your home ground. Of course, if Halal food is easily made available and it's affordable, by all means, you can scrap this off your packing list.


9. Clay Soap / Detergent

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This only applies if your accommodation allows you to cook or if you are using the utensils provided. It caters to the need of Muslim travelers as it purifies the utensils. I have been packing a bottle in my luggage for as long as I can rememeber! You should definitely check this out if you have never come across it!


10. Slippers

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Probably optional but let me tell you why I always have them packed in my luggage. You might be wearing your best sneakers to venture around town but it's redundant to wear one just to visit the convenience store closest to your hotel. It will be a great idea to pack one too if your itinerary consists of a beach or island trip.


11. Documents

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Always have your documents ready, either softcopy or hardcopy. It includes your itinerary, your hotel details and visa if needed. Having them all compiled into one, it will be easier for you to refer to when needed. Apart from that, I practice keeping a photocopied version of my passport and identification card. Due to security reasons, I don't usually carry my identification card out of the country.


12. Prayer Essentials

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Last but not least, prayer essentials! Remember, while you're enjoying your trip overseas, you should never miss out on performing your religious duties! So be sure to bring things such as your telekung, prayer mats and most importantly, the Holy Quran. Allah won't forget you if you don't forget Him 

Suhanah is always traveling to find inspiration and tranquility. She works on shift based, writes during her free time and loves art.

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