7 Travel Packing Tips & Hacks

By Hooria Tahir | 15, Dec, 2022
7 Travel Packing Tips & Hacks

Are you planning to travel soon? Visiting different places of the world is always an exciting feeling, but that doesn't mean travel can come stress-free. You have a bunch of things to care of when it comes to traveling. Packing your items for the trip is one of the trickiest, if not hectic, things about travel. 

Depending on your airline, travel time, and more, you must strategically pack your things. Today, we’re breaking down our top tips to help make packing for travel an easier and more effective travel chore for everyone. 

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1. Prepare a packing list

Packing is one area where procrastinators need to catch up. Start your packing process days or weeks before you are scheduled to go; this will allow you enough time to make a thorough list and buy any additional items you may need. Creating a packing list is a foolproof approach to guarantee that you never forget to bring something crucial.


2. Make use of packing cubes
Packing Cubes

Image Credit: Timur Weber on Pexels

These packing gadgets aren't a fad, unlike some others. Instead, they have been in use by us for years.

You'll wonder how you ever traveled without packing cubes once you realize how useful and real they are.

Utilize them to assist in categorizing the stuff inside your luggage according to the type of clothing, color, or a variety of other categories. Doing this allows you to avoid daily chores like rummaging through mounds of wrinkled clothing.

Packing cubes are also useful for storing your belongings in dresser drawers when you get there. They prevent your clothing from touching the floor as you unpack.

Use distinct-colored packing cubes for each family member. This makes it easier to keep everyone's possessions apart.


3. Always roll your clothes instead of folding them
Folding clothes to pack

Image Credit: Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Despite what half the world believes, folding your clothes instead of rolling them takes up more space. Folding clothes upon clothes can take up much more mass and space in your suitcase. 

Many travel professionals think rolling is preferable over folding, especially backpackers who must cram months' worth of clothing into their backpacks. Clothes are more compact when tightly rolled than when folded. Additionally, they are less likely to develop deep fold creases. 


4. Understand your airline's luggage policies

Any packing strategy to save money must consider the airlines' complicated and perplexing baggage fee policies. Most U.S. carriers impose exorbitant fees for checked luggage on domestic flights, even though most airlines allow passengers to limit at least one bag for free on foreign flights. Even for carry-on bags, some cheap airlines charge up to $100 so it's best to check and recheck the luggage policies.

Visit your airline's website and study the luggage policy before packing. If you're certain you'll be checking a bag or two, you should do this before purchasing your plane ticket. 


5. Pack versatile clothing

If it has two uses, there is one less item to pack. In addition, dual-purpose products are worth their weight in airline baggage fees, such as jackets that can be used as travel pillows.


6. Check only necessary items
Passport and boarding pass

Image Credit: Nicole Geri on Unsplash

You must keep your valuables and necessary items in your carry-on bag rather than your checked luggage. Always bring your passport, identification, cash, credit cards, jewelry, electronics, medication, and other valuables when flying. You don't need us to explain why you should always have your wallet and passport. But you'll regret packing your pricey watch in a checked bag if the airline misplaces it or if it gets lost somehow.


7. Do not overpack or underpack
Packing Luggage for Travel

Image Credit: Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

While you might be tempted to leave room for souvenirs, extra space increases the likelihood that objects will move, squish, or even break. Place dry cleaning bags in the voids (and fill them later with souvenirs from your trip). It's crucial to avoid overpacking as well (especially if you're only bringing a carry-on) since this will almost certainly result in crease marks and make it more difficult to travel stress-free. 

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