5 Travel Tips for Muslim Tourists in Taiwan

By Shamilka Rasheed | 17, Apr, 2018
5 Travel Tips for Muslim Tourists in Taiwan

Taiwan has always been a popular tourist destination with much to offer those who are looking for engaging cultural experiences, shopping, amazing food and much more. If enjoying a Muslim-friendly trip to Taiwan is what you are after, this destination is slowly becoming more Muslim-friendly. There has been a slow growth of the Muslim population along with a noticeable increase in Muslim travelers to Taiwan. However, there are still some things that Muslim travelers need to be aware of while exploring Taiwan's cities, but no worries – you don’t have avoid traveling to this fascinating destination. Just have a look at these helpful travel tips that will come in handy.


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1. Select Muslim-friendly Hotels

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One of the best ways to make sure that you can have a Halal holiday in Taiwan is to stay at Muslim-friendly hotels. Taiwan actually has some wonderful Muslim-friendly hotels that provide Muslim guests with some of the most important requirements such as Halal food, water-friendly bathrooms and prayer facilities. Alternatively, you can go also go for hotels that are conveniently located close to Halal Restaurants or Mosques – especially in cites such as Taipei and New Taipei City.

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2. Look For The Halal Certification Before Buying Food

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You won’t run into much trouble when you need to find Halal food near you in Taiwan – if you look for the certification from the Muslim Chinese Association or the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association. Halal restaurants will usually display their certification in the restaurant, and you need to look for the Halal certification label when buying food from any stores too. If you are visiting some of the ever-popular night markets in Taiwan, always ask the vendors if the food is Halal before buying anything. It can be helpful to learn a few common phrases while traveling so that you can ask questions a bit more easily. But now there are more Halal restaurants due to the increase in demand for Muslim-friendly facilities, especially in Taipei and New Taipei City.


3. Go Vegetarian When In Doubt About Halal Food

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Taiwanese food, while undoubtedly delicious, features a lot of dishes that are made with pork and pork lard. So there is a very high chance that most dishes will contain pork lard, especially if you traveling outside Taipei. You can also stick to seafood dishes, but after finding out whether the food contains pork products or alcohol, it’s always better to ask the staff or stall vendors just to be sure. However, there are many vegetarian restaurants and dishes in Taiwan where you can savour some of the best local delights, too. The same goes for street food, where you can find delectable options to try out. After all, Taiwan is well-known for stinky tofu.


4. Get Helpful Information From The Locals Or Mosques

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If you are facing a bit of a difficulty when it comes to looking for mosques or prayer places and Halal food in Taiwan, don’t hesitate to get help from the locals. There are two main mosques in Taipei which are the Taipei Grand Mosque and the Taipei Cultural Mosque. While there might be a language barrier, the locals are always willing to help out tourists.


5. Be Prepared When Using the Restrooms

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Muslim travelers need to know that they will comes across public restrooms that are not water-friendly. However, Muslim travelers can drop by any one of the 37 visitor centres that are located near popular tourist sites for water-friendly washrooms. These special washrooms have been introduced by the government and will make traveling around the city much easier.


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Your trip will go much more smoothly when you know where to find Halal food near you in Taiwan so that you can sample both delicious local and international dishes. At the same time, it’s really useful when you know where to find mosques and prayer places in Taiwan. Which is where the HalalTrip app will definitely help you out – this is how you can enjoy a Muslim-friendly trip to Taiwan.You can relax and dedicate more time to taking in the sights and sounds of Taiwan without rushing around searching for Halal food or prayer places. Before you get on the next plane to Taiwan, do download the HalalTrip App for a hassle-free holiday!

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