Traveling in the Philippines - A Muslim-Friendly Guide

By Halal Trip | 10, Sep, 2015
Traveling in the Philippines - A Muslim-Friendly Guide

The Philippines, an archipelago in Southeast Asia, known for being made up of over 7000 islands, colonial towns, sandy beaches, volcanoes, lush rice fields, fascinating wildlife, tantalizing food and friendly people, is a country that has long been attracting visitors from across the world. Influenced by a variety of cultures – Malay, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and American - visitors to the Philippines are sure to blend in, no matter where they are from. Islam may not be a widely practiced religion in the country, but a good percentage of the population is Muslim, and therefore some mosques and Halal restaurants can be found. Because the Philippines offers a plethora of must-sees and must-dos, the aim of this guide is to pick out some of the best attractions for Muslims. .



Manila night view

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The first stop every visitor to the Philippines must make is in wonderfully chaotic Manila. The capital of the Philippines, Manila is home to a variety of attractions that will interest individuals of all ages. While here, a visit to the iconic Rizal Park is a must, and so is a tour of the historic walled city Intramuros. Families are sure to have fun at the Manila Ocean Park and the Manila Zoo, and they must also make it a point to visit Malacañang Palace and to enjoy a cruise down Manila Bay. While Filipino food is a mix of a variety of cultures, tourists are sure to enjoy the combination of salty, sweet, and sour. Muslims will definitely be able to try out Filipino cuisine, as many dishes are vegetarian while others consist of seafood. Tourists are also sure to find numerous Halal restaurants in Manila, serving authentic local dishes, as well as those offering Indian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Halo-halo; a mixture of evaporated milk, beans, fruits, jellies, caramel, and shaved ice, is a must-try Pinoy dessert. Mosques can be found throughout Manila. The Blue Mosque, Masjid Al-Dahab, and the Greenhills Mosque are just a few prayer facilities in Manila.  

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view of tagaytay

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The city of Tagaytay is another popular destination amongst locals and international visitors. Highlights of the city include Tagaytay Picnic Grove; ideal for adventure-seekers, Sky Ranch Theme Park, Taal Volcano; which is probably Tagaytay’s most popular natural attraction, and Taal Lake. Although there are no known mosques or Halal restaurants in the city, Muslim visitors will find restaurants serving vegetarian and seafood dishes.

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boracay beach

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The small island of Boracay is known for being home to some of the most picture-perfect, award-winning, white sand beaches in the country. While these beaches – especially White Beach - are what draw in tourists, Boracay also offers fantastic shopping opportunities and a variety of adventure sports. The Bat Cave found on the island is another popular spot amongst tourists; especially those looking for adventure, and photographers. Muslims will be able to find one mosque on the island, as well as a couple of Halal eateries. They will also be able to find numerous restaurants serving a variety of fresh and delicious seafood.

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Banaue rice paddy

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A trip to the Philippines is most certainly not complete without a visit to the enchanting Rice Terraces in Banaue; which were carved into the hillside by the Ifugao tribes over 2000 to 3000 years ago, without the use of any modern tools. Visitors can hike this magnificent engineering feat, enjoy a picnic or take a guided tour. At the foot of the terraces reside some tribes, who tourists can also pay a visit to. Banaue is not the ideal destination for Muslims, since there are no known mosques or Halal restaurants, but Muslim tourists will be able to find vegetarian and seafood items at local restaurants. Also worthy of a visit is the iconic Chocolate Hills of the island of Bohol, the coastal town of Puerto Galera, the beautiful Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in Puerto Princesa, the island of Luzon’s Mayon Volcano, and lastly the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.

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